Monday, June 6, 2022


Leaders today are encouraged to leverage multiple disciplines to deal with the high business velocity and the riptide of changes.

The modern society is a dynamic continuum with the very characteristics of adaptability, hyper-connectivity, and interdependence. It’s the mixed world of virtual and physical working or living environments, solid and flow digital footprints, and delicate balance of process and creativity, etc. 

To make collective human progress, it’s important to watch over the potential disruptions brought by nonlinearity, unrepeatability, unpredictability; overcome the barriers caused by silos, lagging mentalities, inconsistent behaviors or change inertia, etc. Real societal advancement is made through the work of forwarding-looking minds, updating knowledge, fresh insight, coherent processes, and progressive activities to accelerate performance and unlock collective human potential.

Advanced thinking to lift collective progress: We can learn a lot from different mindsets, knowledge domains, culture wisdoms. Advancement can be accelerated when we follow the most advanced mindsets in the world and evolve into advanced activities and movement in a consistent way. People with advanced thinking skills are forward-looking, positive, open-minded, and demonstrate multidimensional thought processes to fuel upward change and innovation.

When you reach a deeper state of super-consciousness - connecting your deep mind and heart desire, keeping your energy flow, you are taking a cognitive journey to move towards the advanced mindset that focuses on exploring true purpose, contributing to the common good and the collective human progress. Digital leaders should develop an advanced mind with great vision, humble learning attitudes, and emotional brilliance, motivate people to explore growth opportunities, understand the learning curves, seek additional knowledge and experience, so the society as a whole can be competitive enough to keep surging further by encouraging thinking differently and solving problems innovatively.

Growth trajectory to accelerate collective performance: With overwhelming growth of information and frequent distractions, advancement implies growth, innovation, intelligence, and progress. Without growth, human society will get stuck economically, psychologically, sociologically. With a growth mindset aligned with proactive attitude, people are becoming more self-driven and self-disciplined, life is in the most advanced stage to handle opportunities and risks smoothly.

Collaboratively, the advancement can become more reachable when we understand each other empathetically, appreciate each other’s strength, complement each other’s capability, enhance trust, engagement and innovation to reach high performance results. Organizations need to invest in the cultivation of capacity for innovation to reach a more advanced stage of organizational maturity. The advanced journey reaches the turning point when we are in the right spot to capture multidimensional views via the right angle, pulling at the same upward direction, taking the right path to drive growth at the premium speed.

Personalized solutions to delight customers:
An advanced society is more informative and people-centric. Personalization is the process of making a company's business models, products and services extraordinarily relevant to the wants, needs or desires of customers, physically, or emotionally. People are complex systems, there’s convergence of hard and soft sciences of humans from a cross-disciplinary perspective. Personalized solutions give customers an impression on how it can tailor their needs to solve problems in a better way.

Personalization brings a unique perspective of innovative problem-solving; it is a critical aspect of the business future and a significantly underutilized competitive advantage. It takes vision to reimagine the future, develop your own perspective, and do empathetic goal-driven design to delight customers. Increase employee engagement and optimize customer experience empathetically by active listening, understanding your customers and the context, meeting customers’ needs in a personal way. With all those advancements inspired via empathetic design, information-based intelligence, cross-functional collaboration, we are in fact, stepping into the era of personalization. The art and science of personalization is to deeply understand human beings via empathy and delight them with tailored solutions, having the ultimate goal to improve people-centricity and lead an advanced human society.

Business leaders today are encouraged to leverage multiple disciplines to deal with the high business velocity and the riptide of changes. When the organization or the world catches up with the most advanced mindsets, equipped with the further-looking perspective, taking growth trajectory solidly, integrating invaluable knowledge & resources, processes into upward movements, providing personalized products or services,  it makes a leap of collective human progress and advance human society ultimately.


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