Saturday, September 26, 2020

Complexity is an “Inevitable Thing”

All the intelligent beings are complex at a certain level.

Watch the night sky full of -

shining stars;

dive into-

the deep blue ocean,

observe creatures,

swimming around;

walk in the urban city with-

great architecture design;

we admire-

design complexity-

for its

elegant style,

seamless integration,

and frictionless flow.

All the intelligent beings are -

complex at a certain level.

People are complex;

nature are complex;

the universe is complex,

Things become complex;

if they interact;

in the case of -

"nonlinear" interactions with-

interdependent relationships,

and hyper connected space,

complexity is -

a multifaceted thing.

Complexity means-

increased uncertainty in-

things outside our control.

You can't-

separate things properly;

you cannot predict-

the actual effect of-

interactions straightforwardly;

complexity blurs lines,

mixes colors,

blends flavors,

it’s -

a diverse thing.

There is -

good and bad in complexity;

eliminate unnecessary complexity-

to make it elegant;

and convey -

“just right” simplicity.

Simplicity and complexity are -

just opposite ends of-

the same spectrum.

In the core of simplicity-

lies complexity.

You need complexity to

understand and appreciate-

simplicity and vice versa.

There are varying ways to-

look at complexity:

try to analyze-

what the impact of -

complexity is -

on a system;

or look for the impact of -

removing some of -

unnecessary complexity by-


or optimization.

Complexity is-

diverse, ambiguous,

and dynamic,

with unpredictable outcomes.

Individuals, businesses,

or societies "become complex,"

as an evolutionary trend,

not for their own amusement,

but to respond to environments

and drive progress proactively.

complexity is an inevitable thing.


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