Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Monthly Systems Wisdom Summary: Systematic Paradigm Shift Sep. 2020

Systems Thinking can help to create common rationale ground between perspectives, engenders new perspectives or actions as part of the process of creating a cross-discipline.

Systems Thinking is about understanding interrelationships between parts and the whole. It helps digital leaders and professionals discover the interconnectivity and interdependence of the digital business ecosystem, help them get behind the "surface" validity and give them deeper insight into the nuances of why and how, and ensure that the digital business as an organic system growing and evolving with its environment in harmony.

  Systematic Paradigm Shift  

The Systematic Perspectives of Digital Organization The digital organizations are like the organic systems keep evolving with the blurring lines between functions and geographic locations. The systematic perspective brings greater awareness of the intricacies and the systemic value of digital organizational systems, processes, people dynamics, technology, resource allocation, marketing and supply-side variables, economies of scale, etc. Here is a set of digital characteristics of the business system that can create synergy and maintain viability.

Harness Systems Perspectives to Drive Digital Paradigm Shift The contemporary companies today are the ever-evolving digital dynamism that consists in being able to break away from being static, and becoming proactive to changes. It’s not so effective to use linear logic to understand highly complex, nonlinear cause-effect relationships and interdependent business functions and structures.

Applying Strategic Thinking Principles to Drive Digital Transformation
In the digital era, any business can be at risk for survival at any minute due to continuous digital disruptions and change as the new normal at a faster pace and broader spectrum. Digital leaders and professionals must be comfortable with “VUCA” reality, apply strategic thinking principles to broaden their outlook, envision the bigger picture, keep the end in mind in order to drive digital transformation in a structural way

How to Leverage Systems Thinking in Digital Paradigm Shift Just as the industrial revolution did a century and a half ago, the digital revolution is reshaping the way we live our lives and the way we work. It’s forcing a fundamental digital transformation of business and our society. Success in the digital world demands Systems thinking, the systematic approach to manage the business, and the multi-disciplinary understanding of the digital business ecosystem.

Focal Point to Explore Multiple Perspectives of the Digital Organization Digital organizations generally consist of varying intersecting and interacting systems that can be perceived through different lenses. Systems Thinking can help to create common rationale ground between perspectives, engenders new perspectives or actions as part of the process of creating a cross-discipline, more accurate and structural understanding of the overall situations and problems, focus on things matter, and avoid falling into linear thought traps from time to time.

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