Saturday, September 26, 2020

Aiming organizational Design and Transformation via Business Architecture Lenses

Neither business architecture nor design are "events" of creativity but are in fact, creative and thoughtful activities that extend overtime to create the structural and aesthetic themes for enforcing business interconnection.

The digital business today is dynamic, continuous, expansive, interdependent, and interactive. It has to keep evolving, sustaining, and self-renew for adapting to high velocity. The linear system perception needs to be replaced by complex adaptive systems, and the reductionistic management practices should be upgraded to the dynamic digital style.

 The business architecture contains the organizational context and is strategic in that it gives direction to the business design, innovation, and the large scale digital transformation.

Art and discipline of designing enterprises: Architecture activities are like landscaping. We can construct without design but we elevate construction by design. In turn, we elevate design through architectural thinking which is a way of embodying the quality of human thoughts and enchanting customers with elegant design. The careful consideration of requirements in the enterprise design along with an overarching vision is what a good architecture represents. High mature digital organizations should leverage the architecture lens, integrate the organizational design into the business process design and organizational re-engineering, to improve business fluidity, adaptability, and maturity.

Terminologically, applying business architecture to the organizational design practice for reinventing digital business is called Enterprise Ecology. Organizations need to have an in-depth understanding of the gains and pains of organizational design and development. In creating a digital organization as an outside-in" and socio-technical system, it is a question of re-inventing and re-engineering people, process, and technology to orchestrate a self-adaptive system which is able to reconfigure its own structure and change its own behavior during the execution of its adaptation to environmental changes dynamically. 

The structural and aesthetic themes that create inter-relationships between business elements: Neither business architecture nor design are "events" of creativity, but are in fact, creative, thoughtful activities that extend overtime to create the structural and aesthetic themes for enforcing business interconnectivities. Business architecture seeks to aid the multidimensional improvement of an organization by assisting in reconciling the varying dimensions which can be changed, as well as the relationships between the various elements, etc, to ultimately get digital ready.

From a management perspective, Business Architecture is a great planning tool for corporate leaders to gain a systematic understanding of how relationships, ecosystems, market dynamics, interconnectivity, and orchestrate smooth organizational interrelationship between people and processes. It provides a unique and highly valuable viewpoint about organizational design and structure, and a structural playground for the business to experiment with different types of organizational structures to enforce business alignment, enablement, communication, collaboration, and harmony.

Facilitation and balance role in enterprise transformation: Doing the wrong things differently isn’t transformation. An Enterprise Architect plays a critical role in facilitating digital dialogues on how human organizations of the future ought to be designed openly and contrived in the face of upcoming challenges and drive collective progress effortlessly. The Business Architecture as a skillful digital transformation designer must not only consider the purpose of the enterprise; the purposes of the employees must also be met because the enterprise cannot fulfill its purpose without people.

Many organizations are at the crossroad of the transformation, an Enterprise Architect plays a critical role in facilitating digital dialogues on how human organizations of the future ought to be designed openly and contrived in the face of upcoming challenges, build up a positive emotional climate, foster strong relationships, communicate relentlessly, make sure information and interaction flow in every direction, build up trust by bonding people around clear and benevolent intentions, drive transformative change and collective progress effortlessly.

The digital paradigm shift is multidimensional expansion. Forward-thinking organizations are in search of business architecture totality. Besides people, processes, technology, cultures, capability tuning. etc, are all tactics to get the organization from here to there for adapting to the fast-pace of changes. Reimagining the future of business is exciting, but it takes a structural approach to design the new model to embrace high velocity and drive transformative change smoothly.


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