Friday, September 11, 2020

Fairness is a “Wise Thing”

Fairness is a trait in wisdom, the fairer you are, the wiser you become.

Fairness is like sunshine,

we all share with it,

warming us up,

making us feel good.

Fairness is like the scale,

weigh things up,

and keep the right balance.

It takes -

both kindness and toughness,

to be fair;

being kind to treat others thoughtfully;

Be tough to make sound judgement, 

and do the right things. 

Fairness is a concept with-

two characteristics,

to be judged by-

each individual for they to-

be fair or unfair,

towards others.

Fairness means-

to be-unprejudiced,


impartial, objective,

dispassionately examining,

open-minded, unbiased,

even-handed, nonpartisan,


without fear or favor.

It is the opposite of-

biases and stereotypes,

Fairness is a wise thing.

The very thought of-

unfairness comes into our mind,

when we face -

some sorts of challenges.

To be fair,

and less judgmental,



insightful observation,


and inclusiveness.

Fairness is precious plants,

need to be nurtured

in the right environment,

by the great gardeners,

to shape an ecosystem scene.

The action and behavior to-

reflect fairness need to -

be encouraged via

cognitive understanding,

open communication,

letting individuals

embrace their bias

by sharing it -

with others,

in a non-threatening context.

Fairness is a harmonious thing.

Nature is fair,

as the most intelligent beings

on the planet,

humans must be fair as well,

acquiring the ability to -

contribute in a positive way,

in unfavorable circumstances,

to build a fair society.

Fairness is an intelligent thing.

Fairness is like spring water,

the deeper you dig,

the more it flows out.

Fairness is a trait in wisdom,

the fairer you are,

the wiser you become.

“Being fair” is a mentality-

which takes-

multilevel thinking and

actions to-

appreciate humanity,

and gain wisdom.

Fairness is a wise thing.


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