Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Monthly Insight of Information Management: Data Quality and Management Sep. 2020

 Digital is the age of creativity and innovation, and creativity is all about connecting the dots.

The aim of modern Information Management has often been described as getting the right information to the right person, in the right format and medium, at the right time, in order to make the right decisions. 

The value of data/information is qualitative, measurable, and defined uniquely by an organization.

     Data Quality and Management

Data Quality Attributes and Assessment The business operates in the real world, and the real world is muddy and chaotic, with the exponential growth of information and the increasing pace of change. In fact, nowadays, information is one of the most invaluable assets of the company. You will not be able to make effective decisions or understand the performance of your company or measure it without good quality data or information.

Five Aspects of Quality Data Quality data means how to transform the clean data into the useful information, and deliver it to the right people at the right time and location in order to make the quality decisions as well. Quality is not equal to perfect, but good enough data to transform into business. Here are five aspects of quality data?

How do you Define Quality Data Corporate IT is the steward of the business information system. And information System (IS) is "a system" that deals with Information Management: collecting, storing, and processing data and delivering information, knowledge, and digital products. Too many businesses are data rich but information poor. Or they spend so much time and energy collecting data for that "just in case" scenario. Information Management quality means quality data, quality management, and quality measurement. What are further perspectives about Data Quality?

Data Refinery Data refinery is the key step to transform raw data into analytic insight for helping businesses make smart decisions. What are the key steps to do it effectively?

CIO’s Crown Jewel: Data According to the IT analyst firm IDC, 15 petabytes of new information is generated every day (one petabyte equals one million gigabytes). That’s eight times the amount of information that resides in all U.S. libraries, and industry analysts place the growth rate closer to 100 percent annually. Data growth becomes one of the biggest challenges in modern organization, beyond the chaos, it’s the 80% of organizational core assets, and it's the DNA of digital enterprise.

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