Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Beauty is a “Charming Thing”

Beauty is in the beholder's eyes.

Is beauty only about people?

Isn't Nature beautiful too?

Isn't the animal kingdom beautiful?

Aren't fauna and flora beautiful? 

Isn't the night sky full of shining stars beautiful?

Isn't the metropolitan with great landscape design beautiful?

Aren't natural phenomena- 
flying clouds, rainstorms, 
snowflakes, ice glaciers,
 foggy scenes beautiful?

Isn't our planet Earth beautiful?

Isn't our Sun beautiful.

Isn't Universe beautiful? 

Those beautiful things take-

 our breath away.

Beauty is reflected in-

the expression of joy

that overflows with-

gratitude abundant to NATURE.

Beauty is a charming thing.

Beauty is-

the right combination of-


The charm of beauty is -

in one’s heart;

the heart rules the brain.

Beauty cannot be defined -

in an absolutely objective way.

If you see beauty with-

your judgment

comes into play.

Beauty is pure;

beauty is colorful;

beauty is energetic;

beauty is magnetic;

beauty is nostalgic;

beauty is elegant.

beauty is dynamic.

Beauty is paradoxical -

unique and universal;

broad and narrow;

strong and delicate;

solid and fluid;

young and mature;

simple and sophisticated;

quite and active;

delightful and heart-breaking;

beauty is a charming thing.


Beauty that is built on -

one's character is -

stable and is forever.

beauty is a charming thing.

No one can completely define -

what beauty is-

there is physical beauty;

spiritual beauty;

scientific beauty;

artistic beauty;

philosophical beauty….

Aesthetics is the principle-

behind beauty. 

Out heart can feel the beauty;

our mind tries to manifest it.

Beauty is such a wonderful word-

in which it consists of-



and many more,

it depends on-

the individual soul where-

identification of beauty is a must.

Beauty is a charming thing.


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