Saturday, September 19, 2020

Aptitude is a “Can-Do Thing “

Aptitude is about -intelligence and logic.

Human Being is -

a combination of -

intelligence and emotion

or in simpler terms -

core aptitude with -

multifaceted competency 

and multilayers of attitude.

If mindset shapes -

who we are,

aptitude decides-

“what we could achieve.”

If life is an adventure-

full of serendipity,

aptitude allows us to

choose the fitting itinerary -

exploring many possibilities,

attitude drives us to-

overcome numerous barriers

on the way.

Without attitude,

the footsteps are-

 perhaps not steadfast;

without aptitude,

attitude only makes the trip exhausted;

aptitude plus attitude makes-

 the journey-

 exciting and fulfilling.

Aptitude is about -

intelligence and logic,

the combination of

innate strength and

talent development.

Know things you can do;

continuously seek challenges,

solicit feedback,

unleash potentials.

Aptitude sets the tone for


attitude strengthens-


Aptitude enables us-

to reach the high horizon,

attitude allows us to

touch the ground solidly.

Aptitude is a "Can-do" thing,

Attitude makes -

an objective assessment of 

"can & cannot,"

gain the "lesson-learned," 

all the way.

Competency is-

built through -

both attitude and aptitude,

and is related to -

performance and achievement.

Aptitude is a “Can-Do thing.”


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