Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Knowledge is a “Powerful Thing”

Knowledge is the product of the human mind.

Knowledge is -

the “mental food,”

to feed intellectual hunger,

what you eat becomes-

part of you.

Knowledge is “nutritious juice,”

to satisfy “thirsty soul”;

what you drink,

keep you fit.

knowledge is-

the brick;

what you learn,

shapes “who you are.”

Some knowledge is like-

perish food;

it doesn’t take long for it to-

become a commodity

and outdated soon.

Knowledge is important,

but openness is-

more critical;

Knowledge does not-


knowledge doesn’t

always inform you of-

true understanding;

knowledge is not-

an isolated fact,

but needs to flow to-

create its value.

Knowledge is-

the product of-

the human mind;

expands your vision,

and shapes the lenses-

you perceive the world.

Knowledge is -

the wind under our

imagination wing;

It’s not about -

how much knowledge

we acquire;

it’s about what impact that

knowledge has on us.

Does knowledge trap us?

or set us free to soar.

Knowledge is a powerful thing.

Knowledge is personal-

one person’s knowledge is-

the other one’s information only.

Knowledge needs to-

be updated-

information can't be-

always knowledge;

knowledge doesn’t always

inform you with-

true understanding;

You need to-

not only assimilate -

existing knowledge,

but also refresh and create -

new knowledge frequently,

to nurture creativity.

Knowledge is the bridge between-

old and new.

The power of knowledge

can be released only-

when it is used to create value.

Knowledge informs us as to -

what choices are available,

expand our horizon,

Knowledge is a powerful thing.


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