Saturday, September 12, 2020

The Monthly Keyword Summary: Understanding Sep. 2020

 To understand the digital business or the world as a complex adaptive system requires an understanding of how the things have come together, being 'built.”

From one generation to the next, the substance of leadership does not change, it’s about the future, change, and influence. However, digital leadership trends will continue to emerge. Here is a set of featured blogs to dig into the “keywords” of the 21st century to brainstorm the future of digital leadership and business transformation.


Understanding is an “Amazing Thing” Understanding is based on knowledge,but deeper than knowledge.Two seemingly opposite words -"Under and Stand," articulate the multifaceted meaning of “understanding.” True understanding is-a “magic thing”;it can transform -tears to laughing;hatred to love;false to truth;darkness to brightness;raining day to sunshine;Black & white to the full spectrum of color;understanding is a phenomenon.

How to Leverage System Understanding to Managing Change and Tunning Digital Organization Everything is all connected. There is flexibility, abstraction, and pliability in the concept of a system and system of systems. Businesses are systems. The digital organization is a complex ecosystem with the blurring line between functions, organizations, and geographic locations. To understand the digital business or the world as a complex adaptive system requires an understanding of how the things have come together, being 'built,” as well as how to leverage the system understanding for fine-tuning the business to get digital ready.

Improve Organizational Manageability via Deepening Systems Understanding Digital organizations are the hyper-connected and interdependent complex dynamics of the ecosystem within which the business is competing and with which the business is unavoidably entangled. They could be disrupted by emerging trends or disturbed by nonlinear events. Thus, it’s important to leverage systems wisdom to deepen understanding of interfaces and interactions associated with complex businesses and engenders new perspectives or actions as part of the process of creating a cross-disciplined management approach to build dynamic business competency.

Climbing the Pyramid of Cognitive Maturity Cognition is a perception, sensation, and insight. The most important capability of the cognitive mind is the willingness and ability to seek out knowledge, address ignorances and the assumptions we make to minimize it. When we explore the mental process of acquiring new knowledge through thoughts, experiences, and senses, the cognition involves exploring varieties of meanings, absorbing and digesting information from varying sources, and improving the cognitive maturity step by step. To survive and thrive in today’s “VUCA” digital new normal, it’s imperative for digital leaders and professionals to climb the pyramid of cognitive maturity in order to make sound judgments and effective decisions.

See Things Underneath and Around Corners Due to the faster pace of changes, overwhelming growth of information, and “VUCA” digital new normal, today’s business world is sophisticated from many perspectives. Systems Thinking is the ability to navigate levels of abstraction or logic as an essential thinking skill, helps people see the interconnected relationship between the parts and the whole, see things underneath and around the corner, be sensitive to the emergent factors, and take the balanced view of digital flow

The blog is a dynamic book flowing with your thought; growing through your dedication; sharing your knowledge; conveying your wisdom, and making influence through touching the hearts and connecting minds across the globe. The “Future of CIO” Blog has reached 3 million page views with about #7100 blog posting. Among 59+ different categories of leadership, management, strategy, digitalization, change/talent, etc. Blogging is not about writing, but about thinking and innovating new ideas; it’s not just about WHAT to say, but about WHY to say, and HOW to say it. It reflects the color and shade of your thought patterns, and it indicates the peaks and curves of your thinking waves. Unlike pure entertainment, quality and professional content takes time for digesting, contemplation and engaging, and therefore, it takes time to attract the "hungry minds" and the "deep souls." It’s the journey to amplify diverse voices and deepen digital footprints, and it's the way to harness your innovative spirit.


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