Thursday, September 10, 2020

Love is a “Great Thing”

Love is the nature of truth; love is a silent force.

Love is energy -

coming out from the connection -

between one’s mind and one’s heart.

Love is a mindset-

warming up hearts,

connecting minds.

You can think-

good thoughts

or bad ones,

the ones you focus on are -

who you become.

You can be-

an energy field of love

or of hate or anything in between by -

choosing the thoughts-

you have.

Love is a mindset.

Loving is a missing piece of -

the jigsaw puzzle.

Love is -

when you find-

the tiny pieces of jigsaw puzzles

that you were missing -

in your soul,

inside the other.

We’re all connected-

holding some missing pieces of-

the puzzle.

We just need to-

free our minds and souls to-

connect the pieces together as beings.

Love has really no boundaries.

Love is the nature of truth;

love is paradoxical - 

it has joy and suffering; 

tough and relaxing; 

soft and hard,

light and heavy. 

LOVE is the key -

opening the door to-

the new reality that-

is arising.

love could be as pure as-

a glass of fresh water;

love could be as high as mountain top;

or as deep as ocean blue;

Love raises our horizon.

There are variety of love: 
family love,

   peer love;

     romantic love,

       or universal love,

love harmonizes the world.

LOVE is the silent force -

leading us from the inside,

allowing us to-

always make the right choice in life.

If a loving heart is emotional;

then a loving mind is logical.

Love is the source-

helping the world-

change for the better.

Love is a “great thing.”


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