Friday, September 25, 2020

Kindness is a “Thoughtful Thing”

kindness unifies both heart and mind to become a better being.

Kindness is -

a state of mind;

flowing from within,

permeating into -

the surrounding.

Think kindly,

talk kindly,

and act kindly.

Kindness is -

a thoughtful thing.

If kindness is a plant,

it’s rooted in -

a thoughtful mind,

blossom with-

deliberate actions,

having enough of it,

it becomes -

a delightful scene.

You plant an apple seed,

you're not going to-

get an orange tree.

Kindness is -

exactly the same,

it's a seed,

water it,

and keep it growing,

in a consistent way.

Kindness is a-

living thing.

The true value of kindness is-

its consistency;

to convey -

a person’s high quality,

as a human being;

the high professionalism-

as an employee;

and the true nature-

as a creature.

Plant a lot of kindness,

watch what happens to-

your experience of -

the world.

If you are not

committed to-

the practice of kindness,

kindness is -

more or less,

a random action,

instead of-

a way of being.

Kindness goes with-

compassion and empathy.

Being kindness is about-

solving problems without -

causing too many

other problems.

Compassion touches -

the hearts,

but empathy connects-

the minds;

kindness unifies

both heart and mind,

to become a better being.

Being kind doesn’t mean-

you cannot be tough,

to make -

sound judgment,

or challenge-

conventional wisdom;

if only you think -

it’s the right choice to -

sow more seeds of kindness-

nurture them to

sprout and grow strong.

Kindness is about-

doing the right thing

in a better way.

Being kindness,

doesn’t mean-

lack of competency,

but about applying wisdom,

to harmonize-

your heart and mind,

and become -

a part of -

progressive change.

Kindness is-

an influential thing.


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