Thursday, September 17, 2020

Vision is a “Futuristic Thing”

Vision guides us through the tough journey smoothly.

A vision is a future state of being-

a foresight with-

a proactive understanding of-

cause and effect,

not reactive seeing.

Vision guides us through-

the tough journey smoothly.

A vision is to-

zoom into the future,

as if it’s closer;

a clear choice-

among possible scenarios-

that advocates trends;

promotes certain behavior.

Vision is a “futuristic thing.”

An "aha" vision is -

an "entrepreneurial" attribute-

the ability to -

envision a solution to-

a perceived or

not-yet-perceived need.

Vision leads us to -

move forward confidently.

Vision is -

something you see,

others don't;

a visionary mind is-

able to and not afraid to

leverage contrarian views for-

shaping a holistic picture.

Vision is a unique thing.

Vision is a bridge-

between past and future.

A visionary mind has-

the ability to-

think about the past,


what is now

and foresee the future.

Vision is about-

generating an idea

that comes with -

a commitment to-

push it through -

with personal dynamics and guts,

determination and single-mindedness.

Vision if understood-

becomes an achievable reality

and a comprehensible dream

beyond words.

Vision is a “futurist thing.”


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