Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Curiosity is an “Interesting Thing” to Celebrate 7100 Blog Posting

Without humility,  curiosity is feeble; without curiosity, creativity is ineffectual.

Curiosity is -

an innate trait of human nature;

a curious eye sees-

thing differently;

a curious mind thinks-


A curious heart opens for discovery.

Curiosity is an interesting thing.

A clear manifestation of-

intellectual curiosity is to-

ask good questions-

open questions,

profound questions,

and thought-provoking questions,

such as-

 “What if,” “Why not.” etc,

to brainstorm novel ideas,

or fresh insight.

Children are a good example of -

having open-mindedness,

curiosity, discovery,

and joy for exploring

because the world is-

so new for them.

Discovery starts with-

an open mind-

full of intellectual curiosity,

and fresh eyes-

having a broader vision.

Without humility,

curiosity is feeble;

without curiosity,

creativity is ineffectual,

intellectual curiosity sparks creativity.

Truly curious people are-

more interested in -

what they don't know,

rather than just show-

what they do know;

as they understand -

what they know,

compared to what -

"they don't know" is -

just a tip of the iceberg.

A creative environment is -

like the melting pot;

nurturing intellectual curiosity,

sparking creativity.

Ans encourage experimentation.

Life's a thorny journey-

we might lose a lot of things

on the way,

but do not lose the character;

because it is -

our personal identity and brand;

do not lose intellectual curiosity

because it keeps -

life interesting and meaningful.

Curiosity is an interesting thing.


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