Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Nostalgic Touch to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Day

The wax and wane of the moon imply the different stages of life with all its bends and rapid speed.

Tonight moon is -

lucid and fluid,

touch our minds and

soften our hearts;

evoke the nostalgic feeling,

deep inside.

The moonlight tonight is -

pure and clean,

soak us up -

in solitude;

enchant us with-

her charming;

and allure us to -

ponder life meaning.

Isn’t life like the moon river,

flowing in the sky tonight?

the waves pushing forward,

with the curvilinear shape and

serendipitous path,

either soft touch,

or hard hit;

life is a tough journey-

with ups and downs;

twists and turns

swirl and flow...

Isn’t life like-

the four seasons of-

the moon?

yellow, blue, or orange;

the wax and wane imply-

the different stages of life with

 all its bends

and rapid speed.

Life is a gift;

keep it original,

let it flow and mature;

keep its unique theme,

life is a beauty.

Just like tonight’s moon,

as beautiful as it always be.

Life is a serendipitous journey,

have a plan,

but not over-plan it,

appreciate it,

experience it,

and reimagine it-

Add some colors,

and make some splash.


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