Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Influence is a “Pervasive Thing”

Leadership is an influence, not a brute force.

Influence is like water,

permeating into -

where it flows;

influence is a pervasive thing.

Influence is like light,

brightening up the surrounding;

Influence is an amazing thing.

Making influence is like-

sowing the sunflower seeds,

growing strong,

and creating amazing scenes.

Influence is like a bee,

pollinating plants,

and becoming -


in the natural world;

Influence is a great thing.

Influence is like-

the butterfly effect;

a minor change

in circumstances can-

cause a large impact in outcome.

Influence is a pervasive thing.

Every human can -

make influences on -

the surrounding via

communication, attitude, or


Influence is a pervasive thing.

High-influential people are-

positive, charming,

full of insight,

and sustain -

vision with continuum.

Influence is a quality thing.

Influence without trustworthiness,

is like a book cover without-

context and content.

Trustworthiness without -

influence is like-

an activity report,

not an insightful book;

Influence is a sophisticated thing.

Leadership is an influence,

digital leaders have the ability to -

“calibrate their impact,”

being able to lead through influence,

not by brute forces;

Influence is a powerful thing.


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