Sunday, September 27, 2020

Science is an “Objective Thing”

No knowledge is - truly 'known'; no learning is - truly 'finished.'

Science from Latin scientia,

means "knowledge";

it is inquisitiveness to-

know about our being,

who are we, really?


“what” and "how" of things

in a logical way.

If the world is a piece of art,

science is -

the design, construction,

and operations,

based on the principles of-

logic and the patterns of nature.

Science is the “secret source”-

behind the modern world;

from industrial automation to

digital transformation;

each technology advancement,

brings us closer to-

be the contemporary beings;

every scientific invention is

a solid footstep at

the evolutionary journey of -

modern society.

Science is -

a systematic discipline,

that builds and organizes-


in the form of -

testable explanations

and predictions about -

the universe.

There’s known known,

known unknown,

and unknown unknown.

No knowledge is -

truly 'known';

no learning is -

truly 'finished.'

The 'hard' sciences claim -

objectivity by way of -

structured methods

and empirical data sets.

Science knows things

which are matter,

telling us about -

the practical utility,

and scope of -

material things.

Science is -

an objective matter

and field of study.

based on -

two types of reasoning,

Induction & deduction.

It is what we know for sure,

proved through-

existing laws of-

the natural world.

Science is an objective thing.


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