Saturday, September 5, 2020

Language is a “Cool Thing”

Language is an art-but with a scientific angle to understand the world profoundly.

Language is the tool to express;

allowing us to share our thoughts;

language has both art and logic in it.

Language is a “cool thing.”

Languages are constructed-

for memorizing past events and experiences

so as to refine them in the present.

Curious minds keep pondering-

Is there thought without the word?

Are we really using language

or used by it?

Is language a pure art

or the mix of art and science?

What about-

reading between the lines?

What about -

creative explanations-

using metaphors?

We are not afraid to-

express our thoughts

without being wrong,

It is the statement that -

we are thinking beings.

Language, its expression

and thinking process change

because of its context relativity.

We learned to-

feel emotions

and the sea of ideas-

produced in the language.

When we just-

hear words or read written sentences,

we turn on our imagination

and knowledge to-

decode the thought hidden-

not only in the message as itself;

but also in another mind.

Language is more pliable than math-

allowing to argue against opposites

depending on vocabulary-

one holds to any stretch.

There are forms of -

symbolic language,

visual language, telepathy-

to convey the thought without words.

Language is beyond words and sentences;

language is a “cool thing.”

We can't treat language just as -

a system of words and grammar-

being just names of things.

It is dangerous to translate-

one word-

from one language into-

one word in another.

You need to understand-

the whole statement -

all words together as common sense,

We use language -

because we create it.

We "are used" by the language,

because we are limited by words and rules

which are needed to-

communicate with others

and understand the rest of the world.

Language might not use us-

but language may cause-

reactions in our mind, speaking, behavior -

provoke us and make influence on us.

Language is an art-

but with a scientific angle to-

understand the world profoundly,

and express the world vividly.

Language is a cool thing.


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