Monday, September 14, 2020

Culture is an “Invisible Thing”

Culture is -

collective mindset,

attitude, and behavior.

Even culture is invisible,

it can be perceived;

even culture is untouchable,

it can be felt,

even culture is intangible,

it can be measured.

If history is-

the masterpiece story book,

with chronicle chapters;

then, culture is the very clue,

hidden inside,

you have to search-

page by page.

Culture is an “invisible thing.”

Culture is much deeper than-

customs, languages, manners,

costumes, or festivals,

you have to dig into

how people collectively-


solve problems,


culture is a “deep thing.”

Culture is not-

something that-

can be dictated.

True culture empathy

springs from personality,

early nurturing,


and appreciation of-

the diversity of -

thought and characters.

Culture is a unique thing.

Culture is like an iceberg-

in which visible elements

such as behaviors

make much sense with-

recognizing the underlying-



and assumptions.

culture is a critical thing.

If open human society with diversity is-

a melting pot,

culture is the very flavor,

you need to-

have a great taste,

to truly appreciate it.

Culture wisdom is-

cognitive intelligenc
e to

bring in-

a profound understanding of-

the problems

with global viewpoints,

culture is a “global thing.”


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