Friday, September 18, 2020

Freedom is a “Peaceful Thing”

Freedom is not about lack of discipline but about self discipline.

When we don't have-

any compulsion,

we are free;

We just seek.

We try to find -

answers from within.

Our mind is not cluttered,

we are free;

but we do not feel empty;

on the opposite,

we feel fulfilled.

We don't believe in -

any dogmas,

We develop-

cognitive abilities,

perceive the world -

via our own lens,

but be open with -

others’ viewpoints,

the world is free and dynamic.

Though nothing

in the universe is-

absolutely free,

everything is bound to -

something else!

Being free doesn't mean-

lack of discipline,

but about self-discipline.

Overly restricted boundaries

are created-

by humans.

As humans,

we need to break free

and live life on our terms.

What we get,

in return from freedom is-

a peace of mind.

Freedom gives -

immense joy to anyone,

when it is exercised.

you don't judge,

you don't worry about-

what others think,

you don't even want others to-

accept your way of thought,

because you know -

everything is momentary,

and everything,

we come across is -

a something we have to-

experience in this journey-

called life.

Unless we enjoy freedom,

how can we understand-

the meaning of life;

unless we understand-

the meaning of life completely,

what kind of fulfillment

could we aspire for it?

We should move towards-

experiencing freedom first.

True fulfillment comes-

when we visibly see -

what have accomplished,

is able to -

make a difference,

or advocate freedom.

Freedom is a peaceful thing.


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