Tuesday, August 2, 2022


 It takes a logical scenario for integrating, optimizing and improving application portfolio effectiveness for realizing differentiated business value.

The digital era upon us is about innovation, customer-centricity, and choices. Customer-centric application is in strong demand and it is strategic to delight customers with new solutions, build differentiated competency to enable business strategy management. Applications have actually become an integral component of an enterprise’s flexibility and maturity.

Customer-centric applications enhance the business model: Strategic application development can add value to any organization if it understands the various needs and wants of end customers or internal users. Many times, a lack of user adoption is one of the issues to fail new applications. It’s important to empower customers, get them to choose the ideal solution for their work. One of the approaches to recharging the business model based on the technologic vision and on the mega-trends is to be able to develop customer centric applications, giving them an impression on how the organization can tailor their needs to provide personalized solutions effectively, increasing profitability.

Customer-centric applications extend business growth: Without customers, an organization cannot survive or create value and profitability. Customer-facing applications are critical as at the end of the day, they expand market share, generate revenue for the business applications, build the core competencies early enough to catch the emerging wave, gain marketing shares, and expedite business growth. When organizations can really understand or attempt to capture the insight about what customers actually want, it is when they can reach the “long-tail” customers by introducing new products or services, new methods of production, exploring new markets or utilizing new resources.

Customer-centric applications improve strategic flexibility and organizational maturity:
It is all about understanding the essential customer requirements, why they're needed and what the benefits are. Business leaders today need to strike the right balance of ease of management and capacity elasticity, build comprehensive application management roadmaps, and manage a balanced application portfolio to achieve high performance results. Organizational strategic flexibility and people-centricity can be achieved by developing proper module design architecture, a balanced customer-centric application portfolio with reusability and customer-centric process flow, interweave all necessary business elements into the building blocks of the recombinant competencies with IT as “superglue.”

Forward-looking companies categorize or re-categorize business initiative portfolios to reflect the emerging strategic priority, and improve customer-centricity. Keep eyes on what matters, identify what delight customers the best, what generates the most value for the company and express that in strategic objectives, Knowing an application's utilization and resource consumption is necessary to make an objective assessment of the application portfolio effectiveness. It also helps to make good investment decisions. It takes a logical scenario for integrating, optimizing and improving application portfolio effectiveness for realizing differentiated business value and developing competitive business advantage consistently.


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