Friday, December 24, 2021


 Isn’t it a tough journey to celebrate 8500 blog postings - to pursue the digital way to brainstorming, innovating and sharing.

The “Future of CIO” Blog has reached 5 million page views with 8500+ blog postings in 59+ different categories of leadership, management, strategy, digitalization, change/talent, etc.

The “Digital Master” book series includes 28 books to share insight from the multidimensional digital lens and perceive the multi-faceted impact the digital era upon us is making to businesses and society. The content richness is not for its own sake, but to convey the vision and share the wisdom. Here is the weekly insight of innovation leadership, IT Management, and Talent Management to celebrate 8500 blogpostings.

Leadership is all about the future, change or innovation. There is a saying that there are leadership opportunities at any given point in time where one or more people congregate to achieve a common goal. This would support the “circumstantiality” between leadership and achievement. Leadership is a philosophy plus a set of best or next practices. Leadership is intangible, but there are many tangible ingredients to make it shine.

Unlockperformanceviastronggovernance Governance is about doing the right things to ensure business effectiveness; it is about guidance, values, and principles governing the company's commercial activities for achieving high-performance results. Governance is a collective mindset; and can be used to raise visibility and awareness for many things that are captured at the different levels of the organization. There are varying degrees of understanding of the scope of corporate governance and the distinction between corporate governance responsibilities and management responsibilities. Governance is a management enhancement tool and a learning tool that needs to be well understood and reinvented for improving business management commitment and maturity.

Innovationinvestment Organizations across industrial sectors face hyper-competition and a sea of changes, they have to keep investing, growing, and build differentiated competency. The management needs to evaluate individual and aggregate investments decisions by presenting a strategic look to maximize the business's benefit, and continue to make an objective assessment of their investment in terms of value, risk, and reward.

Innovationconnection One of the important characteristics of the digital age is hyper-connectivity. One of the most critical business competencies is innovation. Without innovation, organizations simply cannot survive for the long run in face of fierce competitions. Nowadays innovation not only has a broad scope but also has deep context. Forward-looking businesses management need to connect all the right dots, create a business environment in which people are inspired to think and act differently; the capacity can be built, innovation has been managed effectively to improve people-centricity and achieve multifaceted business value.

Organizations across the vertical sectors are at the different stages of the business maturity cycle, they have different concerns and focal points, varying strengths and weaknesses. Planning is an effective way to achieve well-defined business results if planning effort is integrated with normal management practices. Given the complexity and uncertainty of the business world and given the challenges of complex business problems nowadays, more often than not, lack of business insight leads to poor strategic planning for the long run. Planning fallacy is common inside and outside of the business at both strategic and operational management level. How to clarify the business logic behind planning to improve its practicality and adaptability?

Blogging is not about writing, but about thinking about the new ideas; it’s not just about WHAT to say, but about WHY to say, and HOW to say it. It reflects the color and shade of your thought patterns, and it indicates the peaks and curves of your thinking waves. Unlike pure entertainment, quality and professional content takes time for digesting, contemplation and engaging, and therefore, it takes time to attract the "hungry minds" and the "deep souls." It’s the journey to amplify diverse voices and deepen digital footprints, and it's the way to harness your innovative spirit.


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