Friday, December 31, 2021


New Year's Day is the moment to slow down the daily busyness, learn from the past, live in today and look forward to the future.

It is almost the end of year, and the new year is only a few hours away. It’s the time to reflect on what we did; recharge energy and rejuvenate the passion for opening the new chapter of the life journey. 

The past is a time beyond reach; the present is when we have the time to think and make accomplishments; the new year is the time, hopefully, we can move ahead and make transformative changes.

Look inside: Holiday is the season to relax and reflect, as the process of reflection is the foundation of growth, evolution, improvement, and refinement. Look inside – the introspection is a cognitive process involving self-awareness and self-discovery, allowing us to reach the deeper level of “personal paradigm." New Year is the time to keep our mind fresh, provide clarity on how we think about ourselves and the world, and capture directional opportunities for personal growth. New Year is the time to break down some old, let the new emerge; constructively challenge the limits of traditional thinking, generate the chains of thought-provoking ideas continually, shape the fresh perspectives on things that matter, and take the new approach to solve problems differently.

New Year is the time to make some resolution. Thinking outside the current constraints and comfort zones requires a different vision and the courage to pursue it. Looking inside and understanding deeply of ourselves with a desire for constant self-improvement allows us to leverage that knowledge to increase the influential outreach for the betterment. New Year is the time to be more authentic and courageous, and genuine first and foremost, ensure that our minds, voices, and actions are in synchronization by combined action, endurance, and with the right spirit.

Look back:
The year almost passed by, what did we learn and what have we accomplished? People always say you shouldn't live in the past. But looking back allows us to learn invaluable lessons and become well-prepared for the journey ahead in the New Year. Regardless of our professions, having a solid grasp on what has been done successfully; what has been tried before and analyzing why some of initiatives didn’t succeed. The past is in view only to allow us to recognize possible conflicts that could approach from where we are learning from the past, and developing towards a new future. Collectively, the success of our species came from our ability to accumulate knowledge and learn lessons from the past.

We need to see what is behind us, there are invaluable lessons to draw on in the past from time to time to gain “lessons learned.” If the past year gets us stuck, we need to dig through the cause and try to turn around; if the past year is turmoil, we need to analyze the role we play as a problem-solver or problem-generator; what we gained and what we lost; do not be afraid to make fine adjustments as the new year is underway, do not lose our visibility forward. We can understand each other with less bias; only if we look back without judgment and with the context of historical understanding of the times as they really were. Build confidence to take the courage to explore ourselves, new possibilities, the things we always want to try. As life is an adventurous and advanced journey. We must see where we are going. In a way, we are destined to look forward, and in doing so, seeing both the past and the future in front of us is interesting.

Look ahead:
After looking inside to understand who we are, looking back about the footprints we have left, can we predict the upcoming trends in the new year more accurately and step into the next chapter of change smoothly? We learn from the past to "understand" self, and shape a new perspective of what we can renew ourselves in the upcoming years. A new digital paradigm arises out of new knowledge, fresh perspective, and enters the Age of Personalization. By looking ahead, we are able to more accurately judge the coming curves and obstacles in our path to reach the “to be” state of who we are.

We live in an exponential information technology world and every day more and more technology affects the way we live, love, and think. The New Year perspective is multifaceted, the prediction of the future is based on the analysis of the past. The long-term perspective keeps us focusing on the most important things; a creative perspective opens our mind, releases the positive energy, out of this comes a beautiful thing, abundant ideas. Scientific perspective can broaden our vision and look into an unknown future, understand how ecosystems, market dynamics, and the connections between things or people are related. We have to be ingenious and selective, observe deeper, ask logical questions, forecast upcoming trends with a certain degree of precision, prepare for changes with multiple scenarios, adapt to new normal proactively.

New Year's Day is the moment to slow down the daily busyness, learn from the past, live in today and look forward to the future. Sympathy reflects the holiday spirit; empathy lifts up the holiday theme and brings new perspective for the upcoming new year, to continue learning and exploring, improving professional competencies and becoming more mature human beings.


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