Monday, December 6, 2021


Innovation is complex, having enriched knowledge or versatile talent is foundational to create more fresh ideas in today’s complex digital world.

Innovation is all about how to disrupt the outdated thinking and the old way to do things. Being innovative is a state of mind. Some individuals demonstrate more innovative traits than others.

 There are multiple thought processes such as divergent thinking, critical thinking, or generative thinking in shaping a state of innovativeness and there are different stages of creative development from preparation to illumination; from imagination to implementation.

Imagination is the fuel for the “Creativity Engine”:
The term imagination infers free thought with a lower regard for the constraints of what is practical/possible. Imagination can entertain the seemingly impossible, spark creativity given the right resources of knowledge, experience, and talent. No imagination, the innovation engine will not run, and human society would get stuck without any evolutionary movement. Imagine what can be accomplished by increasing knowledge and applying it to what one has imagined. Imagination inspires your learning attitude and intellectual curiosity.

Innovators enjoy experimenting and discovering; there’s no rule to limit their imagination. Knowledge boosts imagination, imagination challenges the limitation of knowledge. Imagination lets you dream of where you could go, knowledge helps you understand how and what forces you are dealing with on the journey of innovation. Knowledge is fundamental for making imagination into reality. But without the imagination to "believe in the possible," innovation may not happen. Knowledge shouldn’t confine imagination. Rather, it’s the very clue to evoke imaginative thoughts and nurture an innovative mindset. Logically, an open mind leads to imagination, imagination leads to discovery, discovery leads to innovation, and innovation leads to technology advancement and societal progression.

Illumination: A creative mind has such an “AHA” moment, just like the very moment when the lightbulb switch is on - the transcendence from darkness to brightness. Creativity is the process of "clicking or switching," giving rise to "glowing," bringing the innovation lights that generate values. Creative people are not waiting for such magic moments, they proactively participate in creative activities, advocate novelty-seeking attitudes and behaviors. Through the processes of imagining, dot-connecting, testing the hypothesis, failing, entreating, improving, new knowledge is developed and the new concept is illuminated and verified. If we do all these things well, then people and the organizations we inhabit adapt to the ever-changing environment and evolve in an ideal world to improve levels of innovation and prosperity.

Innovation is more often a collaborative effort. Innovation ecosystem or the environment should cover the whole innovation scenario, from processes in managing ideas or idea handling systems to idea implementation and promotion. Technically, the purposeful manipulation of the stages from preparation to illumination is a widespread protocol for creative output among professionals. That's why it is a set of means including methods that cover the process from problem's choices till commercialization.

: Creativity usually needs to connect cross boundary dots and spur fresh ideas. Non-linear thinking is less constrictive, letting the creative side of your mind run rampant because of its inherent lack of structure. Creativity has been called out of box thinking as it is an iterative process of reasoning, comparison, contrasting, and dots connecting. Human thoughts are characterized by expansion in multiple directions, rather than in one direction, and based on the concept that there are multiple starting points from which one can apply creative logic to design or problem-solving.

Being innovative implies unconventional ways to do things; steps out of the routine transactional activities for a while, and reimagine the new possibilities of design or personalized products or services to delight customers. People-centric innovation starts with a need of a customer and tests the solutions with experimentation by enhancing a full lifecycle of research - defining - designing - prototyping - iterating- testing, with the characteristics of nonlinearity and iteration. It is a sort of creative scenario to design and make products from functioning to delights.

Nowadays, innovation is complex, having enriched knowledge or versatile talent is foundational to create more fresh ideas in today’s complex digital world. It requires a much deeper whole system, an emergent, generative, iterative and integrative approach. The differentiation between a good innovation and bad innovation is the innovation leaders’ attitude toward risks as well as the aptitude to manage innovations. You have to be determined to get better results somehow and it will help to try unconventional thinking, practices, with a better result or breakthrough progress.

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