Tuesday, December 28, 2021


Providing personalized services or solutions to its customers has become the new normal to run a people-centric organization.

The effects of an increasingly digitized world are now reaching into every corner of businesses and every aspect of organizations. Digital is the age of creativity and innovation, creativity is the most desired trait for digital leaders and professionals today, and innovation is the light every organization is pursuing. 

Which themes shall you set to advocate digital transformation? How to lead toward the digital future effortlessly?

    Innovative Personalization II

Digital is the era of people, option, empathy, or simply put, "personalization." Either for running the business or reinventing an advanced human society, we expect that great personalization leads to better understanding by designing tailored applications to delight customers or premium solutions to solve complex problems. In fact, providing personalized services or solutions to its customers has become the new normal to run a customer-centric organization.

The purpose of business is to create customers. Providing personalized services or solutions to its customers has become the new normal to run a customer-centric organization. Personalization via the hard touch of human science focuses on discovering and developing human intelligence by taking an integral approach with framework, principle, processes, practices, and performance. Personalization via the soft touch of human science inspires out-of-the-box thinking and paraconsistent inductive and deductive reasoning.

The digital era upon us is about people, option, empathy, or simply put, "personalization." Businesses across industries do data mining to gain insight of customers and understand what they need even before they know themselves, provide personalized products/services/solutions, and develop people-centric organization that matures itself via continuous brainstorming, refining and reinventing business models, processes, and differentiated competencies.

Innovating via Personalization It just turns out that, as human society gets more and more complex, dynamic, nonlinear, uncertain, volatile, and ambiguous, the continued use of the old paradigm, the old-world-view-lens, creates ever-increasing problems. The very natural attempt of humans to take the technical aspect of science is also not sufficient to run a hyperconnected and interdependent world.

Innovativepersonalizationframework Digital organizations are all about information savvy, adaptation, people-centricity, high-performance, and speed. Going digital with a personalization theme takes multifaceted management disciplines and structural procedures to drill down the critical success factors for reaching long term business success. All enterprises are designed to varying degrees of detail and with varying degrees of success, but it does not mean that they are architected seamlessly. Digital is the age of people and options, it provides the opportunity to think about the new way to do things, engage employees, and delight customers. An architectural framework is a useful tool for a dynamic and iterative long term strategic planning process that fine tune the internal and external business influence factors, focus on reality, leverage effective methods and practices to untangle current business puzzles and improve people centricity.

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