Friday, December 3, 2021

Innovators & Innovativeness

To awaken innovation in the well-established organization, business leaders and professionals should think as an intrapreneur and act as a startup manager.

Digital is the age of innovation. And innovation is what leads to differentiation. There are many ways to differentiate and, therefore, there are many ways to pursue innovation. 

The purpose of the book “Unpuzzling Innovation - Mastering Innovation Management in a Structural Way“ is to demystify innovation puzzles in a structural way.

Innovators & Innovativeness

Innovativenessiii Due to the fact that innovating in today’s digital world has become increasingly complex in nature. True innovation always spurs certain disruption otherwise it is not innovation. People don't know how to react in front of something new, in front of something unknown. Innovators whose work continues to move forward, and lead breakthrough changes, are the ones who demonstrate curiosity to ask insightful questions and connect right dots, courage to challenge conventional thinking and concentration to solve critical problems creatively.

Innovativenessii Ceativity is an innate ability to think and produce, connect the dots to generate novel ideas. Innovativeness is a state of mind that requires the proper psychological level of mental balance, inner security, positive attitude, and genuine autonomy. Innovators show creative energy, proactive attitudes, and the blend of knowledge and ingenuity. The right dose of intellectual curiosity, confidence, and humility are all valid within the context of his or her creative intelligence.

Innovativeness Being innovative is a state of mind. Indeed, it’s all about how to disrupt the outdated thinking and the old way to do things. As innovators are people who can let their mind "free" of constraints in the environment in which they can stimulate the "invisible" by spurring creativity through a sounding board resonance or vibration. Innovativeness and insight mutually reinforce each other. Intelligence is the word we use to describe mental ability to recognize patterns; being innovative implies an ability to identify patterns or make unusual connections. Innovators can amplify their influence by connecting wider dots and bringing fresh perspectives.

Innovatorpersonas Innovation is about the future, without it, you lose sight of tomorrow. Innovation is an exceptional, exclusive, and realistic idea that separates you from others without a second thought. Innovation can happen anywhere in the organization and its ecosystem. Digital innovation has a broader spectrum, hybrid nature, and deep context. You have to systematically develop the business competency to execute it successfully, and that is something you do not accomplish overnight.

Innovativenessasastateofmind Innovation is simply about solving problems in alternative ways. There are a variety of cognitive thought processes that go into problem identification as well as solution discovery! Innovators are often unconventional thinkers who can identify hidden patterns, see things differently and do things in a unique way. Because you need to have the level of curiosity, desire to learn, observe deeply, with the natural ability to maintain an open and inquisitive mind. Innovation requires thinking beyond, as opposed to outside the box, altering or changing the frame of reference to create previously unconsidered solutions.

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