Sunday, August 7, 2022


Every situation has choices, every situation has known unknown and unknown unknowns, So, the choice doesn't mean freedom only. 

Due to abundant knowledge growth and emerging digital technologies, we are moving from an industrial economy which prefers standard processes or solutions into a people-centric era that advocates innovation, empathy; choices, personalization stimulate creativity and improve customer satisfaction.

Whether we know it consciously or not, we are always making a choice. Though we can't control the outcome of our choices, and sometimes the events either good or bad, happen that change our perspective in a totally different direction.

Conscious choice is made by following conscious mind: As human beings, our minds have access to both conscious thoughts and at times unconscious thought. To be conscious is to be aware and engaged with both the inner world of thought, feeling, and the exterior world of experience and relationship to make choices or take actions. Consciousness is awareness of the subject we are talking about, our knowledge and strength in the field. Thus, conscious choice is made via deliberate thinking and rational understanding.

In reality, it's very hard for many people to make tough choices because they do not take the time to think about what they believe, or what they stand for. They can't make up their mind because they are not fully committed to what they believe and in what they know to be right. Conscious choice is made when people apply deliberate thinking to "make a choice." This could be based on their intelligence, past experiences, refreshed knowledge, or lesson learned.

Intuitive choice is made by following the gut-feeling:
As humans, our thoughts sometimes click at the intersection of consciousness and subconsciousness. Besides engaging with your mind, sometimes you need to follow your gut-feeling to make choices that fit your circumstances while your consciousness might not know for sure. Trust your subconscious feelings, but the most difficult hurdle to overcome is to believe that they're the right one. More freedom with more choice is a myth.

Consciousness and subconsciousness perhaps have inner connections. The more conscious we grow, the more aligned we become with our intuition to make better choices. For the inner compass-intuition to work correctly, it’s a subconscious mode of evaluation that can help better understand the so-called "reality," in which we operate, maximizing our engagement with the broader and deeper aspects of our mind and our experience to make hard choices sometimes. Be authentic, explore your inner self, follow your gut to make some choices. Let the inner feeling flow, also apply the awareness and intelligence to make better choices, but not any choice.

Structural multi-choice is made by applying system wisdom: The real world becomes more complex than ever due to unpredictability, hyperdiversity, and interdependence of human society. Sometimes, you need to make multiple choices, take multipath logic to solve problems innovatively. Deliberate thinking will allow you to verify or structure the multi-choices you can make intellectually, integrating the art and science for making better choices. Intuitive thinking can sometimes apply a quick logic to generate fresh insight, a new idea, a new angle to make great choices surprisingly.

The choice framework with structural thought processes or decision techniques, enables you to apply a holistic view to understanding issues, have a deep understanding of pros & cons of each option, eliminate confusion, and make “tough choices” in a structural way. The business era upon us is the era of empathy, choices, collaborations, and personalization. In the organizational setting, choice framework based on corporate knowledge context helps people or organizations explore diverse decision factors, for making good choices to effective problem-solving.

Every situation has choices, every situation has known unknown and unknown unknowns, So, the choice doesn't mean freedom only, but instead, it is binding on one's decision-making ability. Although future outcomes are not in our hands, keep sharpening your cognitive ability to make wise choices consistently. Businesses provide choices for talented employees on how they would like to get the work done, stop micromanagement and foster autonomy. Encourage and facilitate empowerment of teamwork to provide the premium “choice, grade, range'' of varying solutions for improving “higher-than-expected” customer satisfaction.


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