Sunday, August 7, 2022


One of the important characteristics of the digital age is hyper-connectivity.

A digital workplace is all about people-centricity, empathy, innovation, agility and high-level business maturity. Digital organizations are always on, inter-dependent and hyper connected, people are always the most important asset in any organization before, today, and future.

In an ideal digital workplace, the organizational structure is solid enough to keep people or things in order; but fluid enough to keep information and ideas flowing.

              Capability Connectivity 


Innercapabiltyconnectivity Change is the new normal with increasing pace, continuous disruptions and fierce competitions are part of business new normal. The skills that made you successful in the past may not necessarily make you succeed in the new world if you do not continue to learn, relearn, re-skill, and build the next level of capabilities.

Innercapabilityconnectivity Business capability defines "what" a business does or can do by encapsulating organizational resources (tangible, intangible or human resources) and integrating all important business components for producing a certain outcome. Enterprise success is dependent upon a few core and differentiating business capabilities. There are gaps existing in capability development because organizations are at the different stages of the business growth cycle, they demonstrate various abilities to design, integration or optimization.

IT Strategy, Architecture, Capability, Process Dots Connection Strategy management is about creating tomorrow's organization out of today. Architecture is a great strategic planning tool because infeasible or conflicting business strategies perhaps never get resolved but drive wasteful or conflicting behavior.

Connecting the Dots between Process vs. Capability The process is a "basic cell" in the sense of transforming inputs into outputs so it can be used to build the whole operation. Process Management is to manage known from the flow. Capabilities are an accumulation of competencies which are used for achieving the strategic goals. Competencies are what people know, use, do and can achieve. How to connect further dots between process and capability?

Business Capability vs. Process Generally speaking, a business capability is the abilities needed by an organization in order to deliver value. It’s the ability of an organization to do things effectively to achieve desired outcomes and measurable benefits and fulfill business demand. Business Process Management is the way you manage the processes to achieve operational excellence. However, many times, even the industry experts are not always on the same page regarding definitions of business capability or business process, how some of the standard artifacts for business capability management might be developed; how broad scope the process management should go for; or more fundamentally, how to differentiate the interdependent concepts such as business capability and process?

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