Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Innovator is often an inspirational, inclusive, and interactive visionary and pathfinder.

Due to the fact that innovating in today’s digital world has become increasingly complex in nature. True innovation always spurs certain disruption otherwise it is not innovation. 

People don't know how to react in front of something new, in front of something unknown. Innovators whose work continues to move forward, and lead breakthrough changes, are the ones who demonstrate curiosity to ask insightful questions and connect right dots, courage to challenge conventional thinking and concentration to solve critical problems creatively.

Innovation & Inclusiveness: Inclusive mindset embraces the full spectrum of diversity, facilitates and orchestrates a variety of differences such as cognitive differences, value differences, knowledge differences, cultural differences, etc, clarify the opportunity and articulate the vision. Includers are able to embrace multitude of viewpoints and the wealth of ideas since the value lies in the contributions of the individual to the organization. Innovators advocate inclusiveness; and inclusiveness nurtures innovation.

In the organizational setting, companies need to build an innovative and inclusive culture, spot includes who can build a compelling team and complement each other’s expertise to solve problems creatively; identify innovators who can look for complementary capabilities and skills, confront new ideas, and possibly embrace a fresh concept that you may have never imagined. This only happens when the ‘inclusiveness mindset’ is available with top management, and the focal point of management is to harness innovation and encourage creativity.

Innovation & Interaction: Innovation happens at the intersection of customers and organizations, people and technology. Quality interaction is the bridge between idea generation and implementation. Many good ideas do not get implemented because innovators fail in interesting others or in adapting to their input. Individually, the interaction between what is within us and how we project to the outside world is the bridge to trigger an innovative mindset. Collectively, to achieve the digital breakthrough, it’s important to build an innovative workforce which continues to depoliticize working culture, dismantle bureaucracy, and harness group interaction for sparking creativity.

Innovation starts with a vision, it's primarily a journey through which the innovator has to interact with others upon sharing ideas, upon how to implement ideas; if you don't trust inputs from others, how do you innovate. Far-sighted and determined innovators can make their ideas succeed by breaking down outdated rules, connecting interdisciplinary dots, harnessing heterogeneous group interactions, or accelerating knowledge transfer innovation. The collective creativity depends on varying factors. What matters is how creative are the individuals, and how open is the working environment to harness the spontaneity of people's interactions, as well as how productively those interactions can bring great ideas and implement them to achieve their value.
Innovation & Inspiration: Inspiration shapes a high-level view; it involves a bigger perspective and a longer range view to reimagine the very possibilities, awakening people to new possibilities by allowing them to transcend their ordinary experiences and limitations to something great, provoke deep thinking and stimulate innovation. Inspiration is the result of moments of insight with a sudden flash of understanding which illuminates the pattern understanding, dot connections, ultimately leading to innovation.

We are at the most creative status when we get inspired. Inspiration is best thought of as a surprising interaction between current knowledge and the updated information we receive for shaping exciting thoughts and generating fresh concepts and knowledge. Inspiration brings courage to break down old ways, and rejuvenate new thinking and innovation. It's also the source of developing "ability" and with it comes the flow of energy to drive and accomplish which has inspired you. Inspiration propels a person from apathy to possibility; from sympathy to empathy. Inspiration creates synergy in strengthening positive thinking, innovation, and influencing.

An innovator is often an inspirational, inclusive, and interactive visionary and a pathfinder, as being innovative means you need to get used to stepping outside that old box to unfamiliar territory, discover and explore your own path, be inclusive for embracing diverse viewpoints and interact with others to share and implement great ideas. Collectively, a highly innovative team is composed of complementary mindsets, competencies, has inclusive and progressive traits, embraces diverse viewpoints and maximizes the collective potential.


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