Thursday, January 13, 2022


The self-adaptive people or organizations are able to readjust at their own pace and change their behavior during the execution of adaptation to environmental changes.

Adaptation is an inherent characteristic of humans to survive; and it is the ability of people or organizations to adapt themselves smoothly and fast to changed circumstances. 

One of the significant challenges today is to identify both opportunities for growth and potential risks following the "VUCA" digital new normal. The human virtue of adaptation, improvement, and “being novel in finding better solutions” with progressive themes will see us through even for many more centuries.


Adaptation is an inherent characteristic of humans, being understood as the ability to adapt self efficiently and fast to changed circumstances: Rapid change and fierce competition are the new normal, either individually or collectively, it is a continuous journey to adapt to the new world of change - faster, always on, hyper-connected, and interdependent. The growth mindset and learning plasticity are not “nice to have,” but “must have” professional quality today to step out of their “comfort zone,” and improve adaptability.

Self-adaptation is a phenomenon strictly linked to see learning and knowledge increase if shared and consumed. People need to become more adaptive to changes proactively; increase self-confidence and performance; be able to seek ways and means of adjusting your perspective and those around you, get yourself into actions; improve adaptability through openness

Adaptation needs to set progressive tones from a human evolutionary lens: When the wind of change blows, some build walls; some build windmills. Adaptation is great if pushing the world forward by generating value and making continuous improvement. Improvement can only be there if people accept change, and make the most out of it. Adaptation is a way of searching, exploring and creating. For every need, provisions are there, for every problem, solutions are there, for every scientific development, resources are there, but to be discovered. It’s important to develop a culture of change, encourage people to get out of their comfort zone, figure out alternative ways to do things, for making continuous improvement

There are multiple phases of progressive adaptation for getting from the current mess to the desired condition: resistance; small improvements; constant ongoing small improvements; big improvement, measure improvement; adjustment, etc. Improvement is the reward for being willing to change. Technically, determine constraints, decide what should be done, assign responsibility, and estimate completion. Organizational adaptation is the ability to be highly responsive to the fast-changing business environment by encouraging staff to get out of their comfort zone, and figuring out alternative ways to do things.

Adaptation could be an innovative movement by “being novel in finding premium solutions”:
Adaptation is not only for surviving, but also for thriving; not for fixing symptoms, getting stuck at the old ways; but for taking a step further, pondering different value-added solution scenarios and walking through them from generalization to 3specification. Look for creative, cost-effective opportunities to develop cross-functional teams for solving problems alternatively.

Behind every problem is a relationship dynamic out of alignment. Thus, the adaptability and problem-solving capability are mutually reinforced. Thinking creatively about a problem requires being close to the problem, it requires context and intangible variables. When you encounter a tough problem, you need to frame the right problems, and then, solve them in a creative way. Highly adaptive people in the team or across teams brainstorm, collaborate, clarify, develop on each other's ideas, discover nuances and channel creative energy for finding premium solutions.

The self-adaptive people or organizations are able to readjust at their own pace and change their behavior during the execution of adaptation to environmental changes. The adaptation is inherent in this sense. At the strategic level, adaptation is the approach to foresee the business dynamic and prepare the best scenario to adapt to it, solve critical problems dynamically.



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