Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Generally speaking, the policy is a set of principles for decision making or guidelines to drive behaviors.

As hyperconnectivity is the very nature of the digital organization, cross-silo collaboration is crucial to build and sustain a dynamic workplace in which collaboration happens in that space between people in relationships receptively and thoughtfully interacting with interest and care for one another’s needs and activities. 

The most effective digital workplace is in which sharing and collaboration are the norms, understand, and recognize that everyone plays a “piece of the pie,” inspire teamwork and collaboration which are the route towards building a people-centric organization.


Innovateviacollaboration Collaboration is at its essence, the intellectual harmony between humans. Nowadays, organizations become hyper-connected and interdependent. The functional, geographical, or industrial borders are blurred, collaboration happens in that space between people in relationships receptively and thoughtfully interacting with interest and caring for one another's needs and activities to unleash collective potential.

People-Centric Digital Organization by Cultivating Zest Digital organizations are all about information savvy, adaptation, high-performance, and speed. Forward-thinking organizations today aim to move into a highly advanced stage of digital deployment by tailoring their own unique strength to build their core competencies. The digital era upon us is the age of people and options. It provides great opportunities to think of better ways to do things, engage employees, delight customers, cultivate zest, and develop an intensive and effective working environment for improving business performance and accelerating organizational speed.

Characteristics of Digital Era We are experiencing a major paradigm shift from the industrial age with information scarcity, traditional "asset-based" accounting and productivity measures, and approaches to the digital era with knowledge abundance and holistic management discipline. The emerging digital era has many dimensions and demonstrates different characteristics, providing unprecedented opportunities to leap the business up to the next level of organizational maturity.

Aspects of Effective Collaboration in a Digital Organization The very characteristics of the digital age are hyperconnectivity and interdependence. The paradox is that people from every corner of the earth can co-create the knowledge, collaborate to overcome common challenges facing in human society seamlessly, they would also compete for the resource or works from anywhere, which causes hyper-competition as well. At an organizational level, silo thinking becomes the very obstacle to stifle innovation and stop the business from moving up the maturity level. From the management perspective, what should you do to break down barriers so that talented people can collaborate more effectively?

Scenario to Break Down Silos There are different definitions of silo. The segmenting or sectioning of work by skill/knowledge/type/etc is a necessary component of business operations. However, silo mentality and silo management often mean keeping people’s mind static, keeping people separate rather than keeping work separate. It sets barriers to changes, decreases business effectiveness and efficiency, and decelerates the speed of the organization. What is the rational scenario to break down silos for streamlining business flow, and unlocking individual and group potential?

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