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People with learning agility, demonstrate the following traits, to adapt to the twenty-first-century business realities.

High organizational learning relates to high response in recognizing and addressing system constraints, and adapting to the ever-changing environment. With the increasing pace of changes and the cutting-throat competitions, to effectively respond to the digital dynamics, either individually or collectively, continuous learning becomes an important skill for capability building and prerequisite of developing changeability.

         Learning Logic

Learning Logic
We live in the information and knowledge economy. Today's digital professionals are hard workers, knowledge workers, and creative workers. Continuous learning is not only a job requirement but also a great habit to keep our mind fresh and develop professional competencies.

Unleashpotentialbycontinuouslearning Learning renews ourselves. In the world of the mere mortals, we say: that is our unique gift. We are the light of knowledge and our light is also the goal of universal knowledge. It is our light that is helping in pursuing life's meaning. Digital learning is interactive, interdisciplinary, informal, inclusive, and integrated. Both at the individual and organizational level, if we fail to climb the learning curve, we will get static and lag behind.

Innovativelearningcycles In face of overwhelming growth of information and increasing pace of changes, learning needs to become a crucial component in professional development, or leadership grooming in order to keep their mind open; make their skills updated and continue to build the dynamic professional competency to compete for the future. In fact, learning agility is the fundamental requirement for all digital professionals. Learning is the key to move forward, address any future potential challenges and issues with more confidence. How to shift from the reactive learning mentality to proactive learning habit, and enhance a few crucial learning-growth-innovation cycles smoothly.

Almost every job needs some level of logic, the logic is the high level mental capacity for recognition of intelligence, twisting and reconnecting dots to turn the spark into an expressible idea, achieve its value, and it's a very clue for communication, decision-making, and problem-solving.Logic is a thinking process where a result is derived from a thought. Intelligence is the logical reasoning about knowledge: Logic the sequence of how to get things done. Intelligence is the ability to think logically and break any complex thought or problem to the most rudimentary parts whereas they either can be acted on or dismissed. Intelligence is defined as capacity for learning, reasoning, and understanding. The people with what being referred to as highly intelligent have a strong logic to understand the "complexity" of the given problem, abstract thought, understanding, self-awareness, creativity, and problem-solving.

Logic, Intelligence, Creativity & their Interwoven Relationships "Intelligence" is from Latin word “intellego” -Inter-lego: Bind together, read between the lines, or connect the dots. Creativity is an innate thought process to connect the dots and generate innate ideas. Logic is a thinking process in which a result is derived from a thought. To untangle unprecedented complexity, we reach a stage to assess logic of everything: thoughts, language, actions. More specifically, logic, intelligence, and creativity, how do they interplay?

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