Friday, January 21, 2022


Creativity is a long-term endeavor. Creative expansion cannot happen without imagination, passion, participation and interdisciplinary knowledge.

Creativity is within us and innovators are among us. Creativity is individual-driven; it is by nature, unique to each person. There is no template which you can apply and suddenly have a creative workforce, it must be done individually or interdisciplinarily.

 Highly creative people in the team or across the team brainstorm, collaborate, clarify, develop on each other's ideas, discover the truth. Innovativeness is a state of mind. By manifesting creativity from an individual endeavor to a team activity and a collective effort, the horizon of creativity is expanded, and the creativity effect is amplified.

Innovativeness and logic:
Being creative does not necessarily mean you are completely spontaneous or lack logic. In fact, creativity and logic actually are the “hybrid truth.” Being creative means you can generate novel ideas to solve problems alternatively; without logic, casual creativity cannot connect wider, more meaningful dots to generate bigger ideas for solving problems that really matter. Logic is neither the same as conventional understanding nor linear arithmetic algorithm only nowadays. Creativity is about connecting interdisciplinary dots, while logic is perhaps the very clue hidden in it across disciplinary domains.

Creativity and logic seem to be opposite on the surface, but to dig deeper, analytical logic helps us become information savvy, ask insightful questions of data, of process, of means and of ends understanding of root causes of problems, in order to solve it creatively. In fact, to deal with varying tough situations and complex issues, people cannot be good at being analytical without creativity; also, they cannot keep flexing their creative muscle without continuously learning new knowledge, interpreting, analyzing information and recognizing useful patterns and spur ideas relentlessly.

Innovativeness and culturology: Whether we like it or not, humans are unique, people are different because we think and act differently. Thus, in the organizational setting, culture as a collective mindset and attitude is a competitive differentiator. Without innovation, without collective evolutionary human progress. Creative leaders will build up a working environment to nurture a culture of creativity, enable dot-connecting activities such as cross-functional communication & collaboration, and encourage the freedom of thinking and actions. From a business innovation perspective, the theme of the teams is the theme of organizational evolution.

A culture of innovation isn't built in a day; it takes innovative leadership and long-term strategy for managing an evolutionary journey. It’s important to incorporate multiple and diverse components such as value, trust, communication, collaboration, simplicity, adaptability, and continuous improvement, etc, to rejuvenate a culture of innovation, build a high performance team with focus, passion, and teamwork, share ideas and make continuous delivery of innovative products/services.

Innovativeness and psychology:
Psychologically speaking, all humans are bestowed with basic instincts such as curiosity, and creativity, and they are intertwined. Being highly innovative is a state of mind, starting with intellectual curiosity and a learning attitude. Curiosity drives us to ask insightful questions and learn fresh knowledge. Creativity urges us to change and figure out better ways to solve problems. Creativity today asks for a more advanced mindset, global consciousness, and cognitive intelligence, etc.

Psychologically, innovativeness is a state of mind that combines restless dissatisfaction with the current state, coupled with curiosity or excitement to find innovative solutions that will produce great results. The kind of emotions within a person that invokes a creative process can be numerous and most likely will be a combination of emotions that stimulate imagination, trigger creativity, inspire change, etc, to become more innovative for not only generating fresh ideas but also implementing them smoothly,

Creativity is a long-term endeavor. Creative expansion cannot happen without imagination, passion, participation and interdisciplinary knowledge. The leadership exercises a key role in the careful planning of activities to build the interdisciplinary nature of the team, to promote collective creativity. By improving collective cognitive intelligence and building creative thread holding abilities, companies will become more open to diverse opinions, listen to customers, be confident to take the path perhaps no one ever took before, and become more resilient to failure.



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