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Frameworks add value as they are implementations of the patterns to avoid having to reinvent the wheel.

Organizations and the world become more complex than ever, in order to make effective decisions and solve problems in a structural way, Framework as a coherent set of ideas, principles, agreements, checklists, standards, processes, tools and building blocks, do & don't practices and practices provides the outline for something intended to be fully developed or explored, to address diverse business perspectives and practicalities, define or develop a set of cohesive business competencies.

The framework is the “expression of theory”: Theories are the collective insight based on accumulated knowledge or refined “lessons learned.” via experimenting or practicing. The theory of phenomena should always be open to interpretation and understanding of the theory should rightly be questioned, when it fails to account for what actually happens. A solid framework as the “expression of theory” broadens our perspective with structural components to either make effective decisions or solve problems systematically; helps the practice deliver consistent results and achieve repeatability of the outcome.

If the theory is a system of ideas explaining something, based upon general principles independent of the facts, one of the challenges is to establish a practical framework with updated vocabulary or terminology that can be used across the organization to express this theory, instruct actions, and achieve repetitive results. When looking for results, it is not a question of knowing what the best answer is based on theory, but what actions will lead to desired outcomes that matter. To keep the theory relevant, the framework of articulating the "theory" of phenomenon should always be open to interpretation, understanding of the theory should rightly be questioned, when it fails to account for what actually happens. Just like some theories could be outdated at a certain point, the framework should also be updated or enhanced when the circumstances change. Either for driving innovation or other productive activities, the right dose of theories needs to mix with the right sets of best and next practices, to continue challenging existing knowledge, develop fresh insight and lead evolutionary changes.

The framework is the “integrator of design”: The organization as systems don’t exist independently and that there are interactions between systems such as system overlaps and real in-and output dependencies. A framework is the structure to gain a big picture view; integrate module design, clarify organizational strategy, do a variety of analysis to support the strategic goals of the organization. To run a high mature organization, it’s important to integrate the organizational design into the business process and re-engineering management by applying business architecture as a practical framework, enforcing mutual respects between organizational design and business process management can lead to effective business transformation.

From software or other modern product design perspectives, there are few cases in a plug and play fashion model but between buy and build, there is a middleware solution option, which is “assemble,” taking Lego approach-integrate multiple and different specialized commercial software components into customer-tailored solutions with speed. If the enterprise software architecture as a framework is sound, then it can help to integrate software design and improve products/services quality and efficiency. There are connections between alignment, architectural framework, and integration. Add value for implementations of the patterns to avoid having to reinvent the wheel, and optimize the resource allocation and configuration of the value-creating business processes and capabilities.

The framework is the “leverage of paradox-pairs”:
To deal with hyper-connected and interdependent business new normal, a well-developed framework laser focuses on the strategic goals, facilitates cross-functional communication, and maintains the digital balance of quite a few paradox-pairs for driving change in a structural way; such as solid vs. flow, induction & deduction, pushing and pulling; opportunity vs. risk; simplicity vs. complexity, standardization vs. personalization; candor and diplomacy, management vs. governance; centralized vs. decentralized; transaction vs. transformation, etc.

The paradox is that all creative activities are subversive in questioning the status quo. To deal with complex problems effectively, a framework approach helps to improve knowledge fluency, enhance interdisciplinary understanding, and leverage paraconsistent logic to deal with tough situations, strike the right balance of short term issues-fixing and long term problem-solving. It creates a scalable means for communicating and collaborating throughout the enterprise, strengthens collective problem-solving efforts, and enforces governance disciplines.

Frameworks add value as they are implementations of the patterns to avoid having to reinvent the wheel. Organizations must begin thinking about ways with iterative planning-implementing continuum and leverage the framework approach to scale up and broaden their ecosystems and revenue streams to become more responsive and flexible, optimize business management and enhance governance practices.



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