Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Organizational capability presents a high level view on how business can achieve certain goals.

The purpose of the book “Digital Capability - Building Lego-Like Capability into Business Competency “ is to provide an insightful understanding of assessing, developing, and managing organizational capabilities in a structural way. The organization’s competency is based on a set of cohesive capabilities and how fast and effective they can be built upon. The high-mature organizational capability is the digital business differentiator, to keep the business unique, competitive, and innovative, to improve business maturity significantly.

The capability views enable dot connections and help the business identify “actuality, capability, and potentiality,” build Lego-like capabilities into core business competency and improve the success rate of strategy execution and overall business maturity.

      Unique Competency

Innercapabilityconnectivity Business capability defines "what" a business does or can do by encapsulating organizational resources (tangible, intangible or human resources) and integrating all important business components for producing a certain outcome.

Innerconnectionincapabilityarchitecture The exponential growth of information and the probability of surprising emergent properties bring both unprecedented opportunities and risks to organizations across industrial sectors today. Organization is at different stages of the business growth cycle, it perhaps requires diverse flows and differentiated business manageability. The architecture is used as an instrument to assess, design, and orchestrate capabilities, avoid implementation of redundancy, complexity, and duplicity, to improve overall business competency and maturity.

UniquecorproatecompetencyThere is no doubt we are moving from a static and linear business world to a hyper-connected, and interdependent digital era. In today’s business dynamic, there are always players starting with different resources and competitive positions; and there are always different complexities at a different time. Business leaders today need to identify the variety of capability gaps for strategy management; look ahead and be proactively looking for opportunities to improve; also compare your set of capabilities with competitors' to ensure that you are developing differentiated capabilities to gain unique business competency and build long term business advantage.

Innatecapabilitycheckpoints Organizational capability presents a high level view on how business can achieve certain goals. It provides a level of abstraction that allows more open consideration of business success factors such as people, process and technology.

Innerassessmentofcapability Organization is different, they are also at the different stages of business growth and maturity, there is no one size fitting all formulas or practices to develop a high mature organization. In face of fierce competitions and frequent disruptions, forward-thinking companies need to apply an interdisciplinary management approach, make an objective assessment of the key success factors of the corporation, such as capability, performance, culture, etc, to get the organization from here to there for adapting to the over-complexity and fast-pace of changes, and enhance an iterative strategy-implementation continuum.

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