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Adaptive Enterprise Architecture is not the geeky techie stuff, but a coherent view of how the organization fulfills its pursuit of creating and delivering value to customers and improving organizational management discipline.

Organizations become over-complex and ever-evolving due to rapid change and uncertainty. The business architecture is a useful adaptive tool for a dynamic and iterative long term strategic planning process that fine tunes the internal and external business influence factors, high-level accountability for compliance and provides important input into the feasibility and appropriateness of policies that have a direct impact on improving business effectiveness and maturity.

“Less is more” in architecture perspective means to remove unnecessary complexity and reveal elegance: Overcoming complications and managing a variety of complexity become one of the biggest challenges in business today. Technically, there is essential complexity- the complexity required to provide bare minimum functionality that is necessary to meet the needs, or unnecessary complexity -which is everything else.

There is a relationship between simplicity and clarity. Try to leverage architecture tool to analyze what the impact of complexity is on a business system, including crucial components such as process, structure, customers; also look for the impact of removing some of the complications to improve business effectiveness and efficiency. Also, seek to represent the architecture of an organization in terms of information value, process and capability, potentiality and performance, either as it exists or as it is intended to be.

A business architecture is an instrument for strategic planning and decision-making: Because there would be an increase in the range of planned activities against the potential unplanned, or presumably unforeseeable activities. You need a set of explicit vision, mission-statements and strategic key success factors in strategic planning and decision-making. Business executives who can speak architectural dialect are able to facilitate the digital dialogues between organizational decision-makers and thereby assist in continuously designing and redesigning organizations in pursuit of new and more viable strategies. Business Architecture as a “critical success factor” explorer can help the management clarify effective value propositions, diagnose crucial issues, and avoid the pitfalls on the way.

Openness and closeness are decisions relating to the architecture of the new product generation model. The company has to determine what can be open and what can be closed. The effective architecture should cover all parts of the enterprise, orchestrate the interrelationship between people and process, make strategic alignment, advising, monitoring, deliberating, sustaining a balance of diversified viewpoints, leverage repeatable processes, and master expectation management.

An architecture integrates the art and science to optimize manageability and competency development:
Business architecture is an effective tool to facilitate communication, keep strategic planning relevant, develop corporate capabilities for enabling transformative changes. The analysis of architecture enables early prediction of a business system’s qualities, considering the whole, clarify the business purpose to achieve the goals for the thing being architected, to unlock organizational performance and maturity.

A comprehensive architecture encompasses at least some interfaces of the current or target ecosystem, deepening understanding of business relationships, ecosystems, market dynamics, and the connections between related business functions to enhance the scientific discipline underneath it. It’s about the technical abilities to weave the architecture of empathy for self, others, and nature into a vibrant and coherent whole. An effective architecture helps to enhance collaboration, harmony, link, fuse, affiliation, improve business coherence, unpuzzle innovation, and improve customer satisfaction by seeking to understand their wants, desires, and needs

In fact, Adaptive Enterprise Architecture is not the geeky techie stuff, but a coherent view of how the organization fulfills its pursuit of creating and delivering value to customers and improving organizational management discipline. It helps to clarify how much progress has been registered in modeling the parts and if properly designed so that they serve the purpose of stakeholders; how good are the parts integrated in terms of capabilities? With all those advancements academically or practically, we are gaining cross-disciplinary understanding and making a seamless paradigm shift.



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