Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Riding ahead of the change curve takes vision, strategy, courage, methodology, principles, and practices.

Digital makes a significant impact on how we think, live, and work. There is the mix of old and new, physical and virtual, order and chaos. We are in a time of tremendous change, the dawn of the digital age, the path to the next level of digital maturity, also in the era of confusion and information overload. Therefore, it’s critical to identify, understand, and avoid pitfalls, discover strategic and predictive pathways to change, increase confidence, position a brand and leverage resources to make the digital paradigm shift effortlessly. Slideshare Presentation

    Uncover Change Roadblocks

Insight Upon Change Obstacles Change is the new normal with increasing speed. There are two types of change: proactive and reactive. Proactive implies anticipation of changes via predictive or pre planning change scenarios. Reactive is adaptive to change that has already occurred or is underway. Many changes, especially business transformation, are difficult, you have to remove roadblocks, overcome change obstacles, get out of the “comfort zones,” and manage change in a structural way.

Unhealthycompetitions It’s the beginning of the new year, it’s also the great time to overcome shadow thinking and rejuvenate positive energy for moving forward confidently. In reality, the workplace competition is not always positive, it is the energy behind the competition that matters sometimes. The goals or motivation behind competition can be unhealthy and the competitive arena can produce a myriad of unwise mentality and negative externalities. How to encourage professionalism and healthy competitions for innovative problems-solving and transformative changes?

Uncoverchangeroadblocks Change is inevitable, we all should adapt to it. The human element of change entails a people-centric approach to change management style. It’s imperative to awaken the changing consciousness of the people, encourage them to develop changeability, keep them alert of risks on the way. Without taking a breath to look back, look forward, plowing on to the next big thing before completely embedding the change into business as usual or running multiple simultaneous changes can leave a workforce reeling and exhausted. How do you overcome the objections or roadblocks on the journey of changes, and how can you improve the success rate of change management?

Innovationpitfalls Every organization is different, they are also at the different stages of business growth, they have different functions, structures, layers, and systems, aiming to move into a more advanced stage of business deployment by tailoring their own unique strength and business maturity. In some businesses, especially large well-established companies, miscommunication, misinterpretation or misunderstanding is prevailing and leads to conflict; blind-spots, bottle necks, grey areas in a variety of management cause business malfunctioning. To bridge business management chasms, it is important to involve not only putting different pieces together but also blend them in such a way that the emergent whole is somehow more than the sum of its parts.

Innerrootcausesofdigitalstagnation Change becomes the new normal, and even the speed of change is accelerating. Either for individuals or businesses today, change is inevitable, some of us get it quicker than others. But too often changes are made as a reaction to outer impulses, crisis. From a change management perspective, what's the psychology behind the change? What are the possible change pitfalls on the way? What would be a good way to empower change agents and develop changeability? Many organizations are on the journey of digitalization, what are the root causes of digital stagnation?

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