Saturday, January 8, 2022


Seek uniqueness in everything; discovering and embracing talent in one another brings the full circle of connectedness, interdependence, and collective intelligence.

The digital era upon us is about authenticity, choice, empathy. To discover the uniqueness of people, it’s important to look at all aspects of individual traits, influences, creativity, experience, capability, achievements and hidden potential. 

The authenticity and niche of business leaders and professionals depend on a number of parameters, such as their unique mindset, the mix of knowledge and experience, the core professional competency, versatility, or their participation styles to make differences.

Unique thinking: The authenticity of people is based on the original thinking and cognitive ability first. People are different not because we look differently, but because we think differently. What might be the traits, dispositions, and motivational orientations that help people become unique in their thinking? The professional authenticity is based on their set of thought processes to decide, influence to motivate changes. Recognize talent by quality, authenticity, integrity, and appropriateness for purpose of thought or overall professional maturity.

A human's mind is the most invaluable thing to shape every progress, but also the root cause of many of mankind's problems. Cognitive competency refers to a growth mindset, logic, innovative thinking, or creativity, etc. Therefore, mindset advancement is one of the important parameters for selecting leaders or talent, putting them in the right position to solve the right issues. The power of the mind is the force to change the business or even the world for better. Societal progress is made through the work of progressive and foreseeable minds and responsible behaviors.

Interdisciplinary knowledge: The border of knowledge domains has a blurred scope, and knowledge is expanded in the continual base. To build the niche competency, talented people need to keep learning, share their fresh perspectives, understand new topics and get access to knowledge effortlessly. They should become more strategic and tactical for gaining new knowledge, developing cross disciplinary professional skills, integrating learning capacity into their professional competency, and building transferable professional capabilities.

Information nowadays is only a click away and the knowledge cycle is shortened significantly. Every individual, including the leader, has limited knowledge or viewpoint. To develop talent and cultivate a culture of learning, organizations today need to have an integral information and knowledge management approach, to shape the digital workforce and workplace in the way people can relate to themselves and to their experience of their environment and others around them, their unique voice can be heard and their contribution can be recognized.

Core competency: Every professional has their own journey of growth either personally or professionally based on their own perception, knowledge, talent, life experience, training, and refinement. With fierce competitions and frequent disruptions, they have to keep building dynamic capabilities by which talented professionals achieve new resource configurations as markets emerge, collide, split, evolve, etc, as well as integrating different capabilities into core professional competencies.

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, business professionals have to build core competencies as a combination of capabilities with a focus: Each of these same capabilities may be combined in different fashions to yield multiple competencies. They are unique, not easy to replicate; to adapt to rapid changes; to be resilient when getting a setback, and to be focused on the long-term vision and strategy execution.

Versatile talent: Being authentic means to be who you are; being unique means you develop yourself in your own way to differentiate yourself from others. Versatility is not always the same as how many hobbies you have or how many activities you participate, to just keep your hands busy. Without focus, it’s harder to build a set of robust and coherent professional capabilities for making progressive career advancement. solving complex problems or deepening professional influence.

Being versatile means you are open to discover and develop new talent, being concentrated implies autonomy and self- management, develop talent, have your own filters to gain quality information; have discernment to make sound judgement about people and situations, and have great time to keep exploring new opportunities for growth. Dedicated people have the right dose of gravitas, better time management skills, with the intention to discover who they are, where they are going to be, whatever the state of awareness they arrive at, to develop niche talent continually.

Anticipated styles: Authenticity is not the product of pure manipulation. It should accurately reflect aspects of the professional’s inner self and outlook. Both substance and style are important to make the expression of authentic self and amplify unique professional influence. Substance is about why and what of, style is the way how something is presented as distinguished from its substance. People have different working and living anticipation styles, some are busy with saturated plans for all different activities and hobbies; others may concentrate on a few important things that matter to them. Every digital professional needs to shape their own unique style, figure out what to communicate and how to communicate ideas, and develop best practices to deepen their influences.

The new generation of professionals understand the difference between influence and authority, and, therefore, are completely at ease in influencing and participating in the team. They do not focus on hierarchy but on ideas, knowledge sharing and co-solving problems. Open-mindedness, inquisitiveness, collaboration, persuasiveness, flexibility, listening, empathy, inclusiveness, mentorship, entrepreneurship, etc., are the fitting style to anticipate and develop niche professional competency.

Seek uniqueness in everything; discovering and embracing talent in one another brings the full circle of connectedness, interdependence, and collective intelligence. Thus, people need to take a unique path at their own pace to stretch their strength and build their core competency. Collective progress can be accelerated when we follow the most advanced mindset, discover and develop talent, and participate in healthy, advanced activities and movement in a consistent way.


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