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The business world is diverse, nonlinear, and ambiguous today, the multifaceted perspectives unfold into a wider multi-dimensionally enhancing business growth & balance continuum.

Digital organizations or society are dynamic and ever-evolving. There is a shift from seeing a societal system as a set of interconnected components to seeing a modern societal system as a set of interwoven threads with nonlinear logic as the very clue. 

The linear logic helps to break down things to the pieces, but it often ignores the interconnectivity between parts and the whole. In the dynamic digital business, business logic is often nonlinear and multifaceted. It’s important to understand the coherent business logic of the whole organization, mostly not at the level of part of the organization, to clarify sequence and consequence of problem-solving scenarios and figure out the cause and effect of transformative changes.

Interdisciplinary logic:
Running an effective business is fundamentally about how to apply logic to solve problems, implement ideas, and guild teams to make things happen timely. Business logic comes in partly overlapping views: corporate information - checks to see if the information is in or out of balance and whether it is sufficient for optimized decisions and also what informational investments you have that will support business growth. Business rules - describe the operations, definitions, and constraints that apply to an organization, expressing policies and workflows to keep organizations running and improving, interwoven people, processes, corporate behavior, and computing systems in an organization, to help the organization achieve its goals.

Business logic becomes nonlinear as organizations or human societies turn to be more hyper-connected, and interdependent. It’s important for organizational leaders and professionals to apply a multidimensional thinking box to understand business context and sustain diversified viewpoints into holistic perspectives without enlarging cognitive/decision gaps and causing too many side effects. It means to have the better opportunities to connect the dots across the geographical, functional, organizational, industrial, or generational boundaries, integrate multidisciplinary knowledge and methodology to optimize organizational performance and harness people-centricity.

Culture logic: Culture is created out of the systems, processes, human capital and associated continual development, organizational hierarchy, and strategic design of the organization. Culture is like the glue that holds and binds an organization together interrelatedly. Culture Logic is a collective thinking process where a result is derived from a variety of thoughts. It’s also a clue about how people make decisions or get the work done in the organization. When the culture fails to enable effective strategy management, it’s important to diagnose the root causes, behaviors are on the surface - the tip of the iceberg, attitudes are in the middle, and thoughts are underneath. If you can uncover the pattern of culture logic, there's a better opportunity to diagnose the real problems and solve them smoothly.

In traditional companies, there are different types of subcultures in different divisions or geographical locations; and there are societal cultures outside the organizational culture, all of which influence each other, sometimes cause conflict, and decelerate business speed. To keep the organizational culture cohesive, it’s important to understand the interrelationship between them; and apply integration logic to ensure they are diversified and unified in an effective way to enable strategy management and accelerate performance.

Process logic:
The process is "what are you trying to do, what result are you trying to achieve." Process management is to manage the known from flowing. Process design is logical-how it is or will be done - describes a solution; process underpins capability, and capability underpins corporate strategy. Incoherent processes cause delays, waste resources, disengage employees, and dissatisfied customers. Ineffective process management is often caused by a lack of policies and governance procedures that define processes; lack of commitment of resources and time to education & communication cross silos.

Process management is more as a business management philosophy and a holistic management practice to enhance process logic and coherence. The simplified, end to end processes clarify business logic, enable speed of execution and allow the organization to act in a coherent manner. The robustness of the process means there's risk management embedded into the process, to improve organizational resilience. The degree of business process coherence decides how flexibly the organization can adapt to business dynamics and how innovatively it can drive progressive changes. Logic plus consistency lead to coherence.

The business world is diverse, nonlinear, and ambiguous today, the multifaceted perspectives unfold into a wider multi-dimensionally enhancing business growth & balance continuum. It’s important to figure out the “right level” of planning, untangle complexity, clarify business logic, keep iterating, adjusting, evolving, and working on a rhythm of sustained products or services deliveries.



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