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Insightful investors make an objective assessment of the investment portfolio to ensure that all business investments and meaningful business activities should strive to build tangible business capabilities to achieve ultimate business goals.

Running a business is about solving problems, with continuum. Corporate strategy management is about diagnosing critical business issues, setting choices, making investment, and taking actions to solve them smoothly. There are both opportunities and risks for every investment, it’s important for the management to identify and evaluate investments in a way that solves problems with priority, clarify what investments you should direct more assets to by driving business value in terms that business stakeholders understand. 

All business investments should strive to build tangible capabilities for achieving ultimate business goals.

Generate business cases to justify investment at the globe scope: Organizations have limited resources and budget, but there are plenty of opportunities that they intend to grasp and so many problems that need to be solved. For all critical business investments, it’s important to generate business cases and look for investments to be justified and governed on the basis of benefit delivery. The business executives have to define investment portfolio strategies to make smart investments; make an objective assessment of their investment portfolio for achieving high ROIs.

Strong business cases articulate how the business initiatives situates the organization within a growing and highly profitable product market niche, often in the global scope, describing the business model design initiative’s benefits and costs flow. The narratives within strategic business cases reflect multifaceted business value pathways. enable organizations to gain competitive advantages and generate options for providing future business competencies to solve problems with large scopes.

Put emphasis on investing in people-centric innovation: The digital world moves into a hyper-connected and interdependent relationship under “VUCA” business new normal. People are always the most important capital investment in any organization. Without customers, an organization cannot survive, and without profitability, an organization cannot grow strong. In order to build a high-mature organization, it’s important to invest in people-centric innovation initiatives. So the business has to continuously understand its customer needs and requirements and also have a clear understanding of how customer-centric approaches enhance the business model and extend profitability.

The business action is always part of a good strategy. It is incumbent on the organization to prove its capability to develop personalized products/services, and deliver a unique and differentiated customer experience consistently. To clarify investment goals and estimate returns requires a blend of strategic thinking -what do you intend to do in the future to create high contrast customer experiences and improve business profitability: present an ability to execute-demonstrable evidence that the business is actually doing something to build organizational differentiation; as well as analyze effects - the organization is able to develop relevant business models as well as generate improved return on investment. The potential portfolio investment needs to streamline the strategic objective alignment and accelerate future growth of the business.

Invest on intrapreneurship initiatives, make sure the # Financial investment is aligned with at least one strategic business objective over the total portfolio: Intrapreneurship is about discovering the new path for business growth by investing on entrepreneurship initiatives. It presents a greater challenge and reward by pioneering the development of new products, services, processes, or business models, etc. It is important to have the right dose of risk-appetite, able to explain the big why clearly, articulate the strategic rationale behind the venture, calculate return on investment with a certain level of accuracy in making the right choice for balancing the business’s short-term gain and long-term win.

Corporate intrapreneurship activities enhance a company’s success by enforcing business innovations. Every organization needs to develop its tailored intrapreneurship practices by leveraging effective technologies, tools, or methodologies and apply them wisely with the expertise to really add value or drive innovation, harness intrapreneurship and do more with innovation. Besides the hard number of investment benefits, the healthy intrapreneurship activities help to engage employees, motivate people to solve problems in alternative ways, and strike the right balance between stability and change, process and creativity.

Insightful investors make an objective assessment of the investment portfolio to ensure that all business investments and meaningful business activities should strive to build tangible business capabilities to achieve ultimate business goals.


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