Thursday, September 29, 2022


Leadership competency is multifaceted, interrelated with the traits, niche skills, unique experience.

Leadership comes in many shades of character. The substance of leadership never changes, it’s all about a clear vision, an attitude of the free mind with both confidence & humility, risk-taking spirit, and exemplary behaviors. 

Great leaders break down outdated perceptions, harness cross-functional communication & collaboration, increase transparency, and unleash collective human potential smoothly.

Leaders are like the digital conductor who can orchestrate their own sheet music and amplify leadership voice: There are those who seek the justification of leadership via virtuous qualities. There are those who amplify leadership influence via effective communication and orchestration. Insightful leaders should be equipped with the advanced mindset to make sure that nothing is dismissed due to out of date beliefs or negative human emotions. Insightful business leaders are good at the perception of technology trends, emerging business opportunities, or alternative business solutions.

The real challenge for business leaders is to understand where and how they can and should improve to get the biggest effect and scale-up across the digital ecosystem effortlessly. The "orchestration" is more relevant to the "system of processes" as business processes management has to be more dynamic and adaptive to the accelerated speed of changes. With effective leadership to reinvent a traditional organization and orchestrate an effective business transformation, digital organizations can be operated as high-performance business catalyzed via diversification, versatility, and intelligence.

Leaders with high professional competency are like the integrator interconnected with hidden clues to solve problems effectively:
Leadership has both hard components such as interdisciplinary knowledge expertise and multicore professional competency, as well as soft factors such as communication and reputation. It’s always important to integrate diverse perspectives or multidimensional viewpoints into a holistic leadership perspective. It’s crucial to integrate hard and soft skills, interdisciplinary knowledge and multi-dialect fluency into unique leadership competency; as well as integrate leadership and management into a successful business transformation formula.

In today's information overloading business dynamic, great leadership manifests respect, caring, core value, professionalism, etc, to reach clearly defined vision and strategic goals of the organization. In reality, many organizations that get stuck at the lower level of maturity are divided by so many gaps across leadership, management; leadership integration is to bridge gaps, build trust, practice strategic thinking with enthusiasm to envision the future, and demonstrate unique leadership style to improve leadership discipline.

Leaders with clear vision and fresh insight are great story-tellers amplify their influence by touching the heart and connecting mind
: Modern business and society become more complex and interdependent than ever, leadership is about steering people and organizations in the right directions by sharing a clear vision via persuasive communication. It is critical that communication needs to be directly related to your audience situation, how it affects them. What drives you to become a leader? What does your audience want to see in you? What’s the connection between the theories you learn and what happens in the real world? Etc.

The good story is about selling today for tomorrow. Great leaders can tell an inspirational story, discover common ground, present empathy, and construct a collaborative vision. Inspirational stories need to be true and updated, to reflect their vision, character, leadership philosophy. So leaders need to keep checking their gut, their heart, and their mind; use data for telling information-based stories; use professional or personal experience for telling people-centric stories; allow people to ask interesting questions, expect to get information-based answers, and spark innovation to reach the “art of possible.”

Leadership competency is multifaceted, interrelated with the traits, niche skills, unique experience. The leadership maturity is based on the right mix of hard and soft elements, substance and style. There is no one single attribute to digital leadership; there is a delicate mix of leadership ingredients,, along with a lot of different attributes, to improve leadership intelligence and maturity.


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