Saturday, September 24, 2022


In face of a hyper connected and interdependent world with “VUCA” reality, it is imperative that "leadership" needs to be re-imagined, explored, understood and embraced for it to create multifaceted value.

Leadership is complex and situational; there are numerous variables that need to be leveraged in assessing leadership effectiveness. Great leaders grow more leaders; insightful leaders have an ability to help the organization develop a vision of what it can be, mobilize the organization to accept and work toward achieving clearly-defined vision, connecting the right dots to rejuvenate creative energy, inspire people to think independently, act step-wisely, institutionalize the changes that must last over time.

Unusual connections of leadership & aura: The aura is the energy bag that surrounds each individual, and it’s the seat of all emotions. That enthusiasm, energy, optimism, is the positive aura to nourish leadership. Leadership is an influence; your self-confidence, courage, commitment, determination, wisdom, etc, all form as an aura around you to attract others to do things that improve humanity. Making unusual connections of leadership & aura helps to understand what connects you to the surroundings, what stimulates your creative energy and amplifies leadership influence.

There are full emotion cycles behind leadership, to generate leadership aura, such as passion, intellectual curiosity, courage, creativity, persistence, etc. Belief is the aura; humility coupled with supreme confidence is the rich "AURA" factor. To develop strong leadership, look around to find out how to bring talented leaders with the right leadership traits closer to authenticity and integrity. Seek uniqueness, colorful aura; embracing diversity and talent in one another brings the full circle of connectedness, interdependence, and collective intelligence.

Uncommon understanding of leadership sophistication
: Organizations are complex, societies are complex. In today’s “VUCA” digital new normal, leadership and management practices are sophisticated. Sophistication often implies intelligence, grace, interdisciplinarity, etc. Sophisticated leaders with strong metacognitive abilities and cultural empathy can capture the big picture, connect unusual dots, understand patterns of seemingly different things, discover the difference between seemingly similar things, read between the lines, listen to not being said, and navigate the business context smoothly.

At the global scope, cognizance, sensitization, and sophistication to what cultural differences in leadership perceptions, approaches, and communications can contribute to deepen leadership influence. In order to develop sophisticated leaders with multidimensional intelligence, high influence and global perspective, leadership training approaches need to be vertical- from mindset, attitude to behavior, for improving problem-solving effectiveness, etc. Talent, knowledge, expertise, attitude, character, etc, all of which play a role in exploring the art of leadership in us.

Unconventionalism of leadership wisdom:
If conventional thinking is bound by certain group beliefs and general best practices, sometimes having a negative connotation about sticking to the outdated concepts, traditions, cultures, or the old ways to do things; unconventional wisdom often means fresh insight via critical thinking, creative thinking, and independent thinking. Leadership philosophy, program anchor, concept or skill will embed when there's an intellectual and emotive connection, and when it answers the question of "what’s the purpose of leadership.”

Leadership is about change and direction. What needs to be answered only once the big WHYs are clear. It’s about the capacity to see the bigger whole, the interconnections, the paradoxes and the polarities/dichotomies. Unconventional wisdom means uniqueness and creativity. An innovative mind demonstrates unconventional wisdom, to think uniquely, sees things differently and do things in an alternative way. It takes courage and mental toughness to break through conventional wisdom. It takes persistence and determination to practice unconventional thinking and improve leadership impact.

In face of a hyper connected and interdependent world with “VUCA” reality, it is imperative that "leadership" needs to be re-imagined, explored, understood and embraced for it to create multifaceted value. There are leadership opportunities at any given point in time where people congregate to achieve a goal. Leadership is about developing people, not managing them. It is a mindset that requires constant dots connecting, if ever it makes sense. Leadership is about making a commitment from the very top of an organization all the way to the bottom without exception, for running a successful organization or society with a long term perspective.


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