Wednesday, September 14, 2022


 Culture is invisible, but the culture system is a powerful pillar to run a digital organization.

Culture is collective mindset and behavior. Culture of innovation is a collective mindset and a prerequisite to run a sustainable business these days. 

Changing the culture is the mindset, although you can’t impose the desired culture to your organization, surely you can apply a clear logic to diagnose and fix culture related problems, following with the principles and practices to understand different cultures, transform your culture by pushing the "right or positive buttons."


                           Initiate Cultural Change

Initiatecultureconnectivity Culture is collective mindset, attitude, and behavior. It is about how well humans as collective beings get along or work together. Cultural inertia causes employee disengagement and business stagnation.

Inclusion We are idea-rich and vision-clear through inclusiveness; inclusiveness has the positive connotation associated with the words such as information, intention, or intelligence. “Incluversity” (Inclusion + Diversity) allows us to explore options that one individual or a homogeneous group might not have uncovered; collectively, an inclusive organization is immersive, informative, interactive, interdependent.

Innateculturelogic Anytime people work together for an extended period of time, a culture is formed. A company's culture, which is heavily ingrained, implicit and not directly perceptible, is very hard to change and changes slowly if at all. Business culture logics are intended to assert business structure, to control or influence corporate culture-the collective thinking, attitude and behavior of the business.

Unleashculturepotential Culture is a collective mindset and attitude. We all succeed together or fail together, culture is invisible, but one of the most crucial success factors that can lift up the spirit of business or intimates the survival of an operatized organization.

Initiateculturecompetency Culture is collective mindset, attitude & behavior. To design and build a high performance culture, one part of the assessment is to evaluate the current culture; get employees to identify what the ideal culture would look like. The management should advocate clarity and transparency, apply innovative thinking to tailor their needs for developing or reinventing culture as their corporate asset, track culture as their corporate brand, catalyze culture as their soft competency and improve culture as their differentiated advantage.

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