Sunday, September 18, 2022


 At a senior level, corporate leadership is the adventure to set a clear vision, have unique insight to explore the unknown, steering the organization on the right path for reaching the destination ultimately.

Leadership is about change and direction To lead today’s technology-savvy knowledge workforce, command & control management style simply does not fit in and will run out of steam soon. The leadership challenge in the boardroom is about how to fill blind spots, bridge insight gaps and make a leap of innovation. 

To assess the corporate board maturity, BoD should ask themselves or other shareholders tough questions such as: What tends to be the biggest gaps and “blind spots” in achieving and maintaining the right board composition? How to define diversity and embrace inclusiveness for reinventing organization and leading business transformation?

It is the importance of dealing with the blind spots by bridging silos and seeing the big picture: Silo thinking creates blind sports. The senior leaders such as BoDs should have the ability to see the big picture, broaden the perspectives, and complement the team’s viewpoint. Most teams operate with an incomplete and relatively small view of the world, so blind spots are inevitable. Too often in an effort to keep moving forward, they jump to the wrong conclusions.

Both cross-boundary knowledge fluency and emotional intelligence are important to close blind spots. Learn how to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger. If you feel like you have lost the virtues of trust and respect, go now and be humble yourself, and be ready to deal with another blind spot opportunity. Leaders do not have all the answers. They need to have a passion for keeping learning, reflecting, and improving.

The best in class corporate boards think differently and lead wisely to close the insight gaps:
The blind spots are perhaps inevitable, the point is how business leaders or managers shall learn to deal with them seamlessly; how to build a heterogeneous team which can bridge the cognitive difference, and close insight gaps. The corporate board directors need to be diverse by mindsets, industry background, knowledge, expertise, skills, experience level for closing blind spots and insight gaps, improving strategic decision effectiveness.

To lift up the board leadership maturity, minding the insight gap is challenging, but a critical step for improving leadership effectiveness. The important issue is how the corporate board accommodates diverse opinions and how they assess them, converge the diverse thoughts into wise decisions, broaden perspectives for bridging a variety of gaps and improving the board leadership effectiveness.

Corporate boards as senior leadership roles set the tone for bridging innovation gaps in the organization:
Being innovative is the state of mind to think and do things from a new angle. BoDs should participate, or even lead in the area of innovation from outliers’ viewpoint. They should set the tones for encouraging independent thinking and inspiring creativity. Because you can set rules to control people’s behaviors, but you can’t manipulate how they think and what they learn from the varying resources in today's hyperconnected knowledge economy.

The heterogeneous team with the cognitive difference is more innovative than the homogeneous group setting, as creative intelligence is multidimensional, fresh ideas are often interdisciplinary. They take root in unsuspected places and they evolve with time and by unexpected connections.

Leadership is an influence, influence comes from progressive mindsets, profound insight, confident and humble attitude, and step-wise actions. At a senior level, corporate leadership is the adventure to set a clear vision, have unique insight to explore the unknown, steer the organization on the right path for reaching the destination ultimately.


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