Tuesday, September 13, 2022


Leadership is about direction and change, influence and innovation. Isn't it a tough journey to write 9700 blog postings - to pursue the digital way of brainstorming, innovating and story-telling

Leadership is about influence, having interdisciplinary knowledge and unique insight to bridge the multitude of gaps. An innovation leader needs to have a clear vision to inspire creativity. The essence of innovative leadership is to be open-minded, show flexibility, discover truth, brainstorm great ideas, explore the emerging opportunities or new ventures, build unique competencies, and advance human society.

 It’s time to celebrate 9700 blog postings to convey leadership insight and influence global innovation.

Innovation leadership has an ability to envision: Leadership vision is being great by making progressive influence. Being a leader means giving people confidence on where to go (vision) and how to get there. Innovative leaders share unique insight, set guidelines, encourage change mindset, clear the path, whether that is the elimination of obstacles or to provide coaching and guidance so that the talented people are inspired to think independently, solve problems creatively, and make change progressively.

Creative leadership has the capacity to change:
As a change leader or agent, managing change is no longer a one-time initiative, but a unique competency and an ongoing continuum. Change needs to be people-centric, not process focused. Leading change starts from the mind shift. It is what energizes people and sustains a change in behavior and approach. It’s exciting to shift the mind and bring about attitude and behavior change to achieve clearly defined goals & objectives that can truly make positive progress in either an organization or beyond. Change is not for its own sake, but for making progress and inspiring innovation.

Courageous leaders have vitality to intuition: An intuitive mind has the strength and the thinking power to lead forward and have the better chance to be creative. Intuition is not just the emotional side of the mind; sometimes it’s an inner calling. One has to be too deeply inclined, and sensitive, to read between the lines, listen to this subtlest sound of silence. Then you are courageous enough to follow the gut and curious enough to understand the surroundings, you learn how to liberate the imagination and come up with a new approach to solve problems.

Information-savvy leaders have rationality to facts:
Being rational doesn’t mean taking linear logic only or ignoring intuition. There is emotional or psychological rationality, and there is mental or spiritual rationality. Information-savvy leaders know how to make rational decisions, how to analyze the cause-effect of problems logically, and how to build organizational systems rationally. We have a predisposition to seeking patterns, or potentially in the pursuit of logic. In fact, the management of any type is a complex interaction of people and processes, to avoid being illogical or irrelevant, the nature of how the "implementation of the idea has to follow a logical path for the solution.

Effective leaders have responsibility to produce premium results: There is no leadership where there is no responsibility. It doesn't matter at what level one is leading: the team, department, corporation, nation, globe. Leaders at different levels are decidedly different and are held to a different magnitude of expectations. But the common denominator to each and every one of them all is the responsibility they carry. They are always adjusted successfully where they carry out the responsibility smoothly, they are capable to produce certain performance results, and they are resilient to overcome pitfalls on the way,

To try to find a single word that communicates leadership philosophy is impossible. Leadership is about direction and change, influence and innovation. It is the responsibility of the leadership team to envision and spend a significant proportion of their time on critical issues, on communication, coordination, to move their organization forward and advance human society smoothly.


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