Saturday, September 17, 2022


In forward-thinking organizations, developing leadership, tapping talent, and unlocking collective potentiality should be consistent efforts and ongoing practices through delegation, decentralization and empowerment.

The digital world is dynamic, nonlinear, uncertain, and volatile, emergence becomes apparent. Different organizations have different strengths, capacities, and capabilities, they are at the different stages of the business development cycle. 

What's fundamentally changed is that management no longer gets to sit on the sidelines, they need to proactively adapt to the new normal, develop talent, explore business growth opportunities, take the unique path at their own pace to stretch their strength and unleash the full potential of the organization.

Logically, tapping leadership potential starts with inferential inquiries and provides personalized coach solutions: From past, present to the future, people are always the center of changes. Leadership makes a significant impact on business progress and societal advancement. Thus, unleashing leadership potential is crucial to spread out leadership, rejuvenate collective mindset, attitude, reinvent businesses, and maximize collective human potential. To identify leadership potential, it’s important to assess how well the individual continues to perform and grow in their current roles; how likely they can take on new challenges, rapidly learn and grow into next-level roles which needs to make more crucial decisions and take more responsibilities; ,

There is no “one size fits all” formula for leadership development. It’s important to create personalized leadership development plans and provide an ongoing follow-up support structure to identify and integrate people’s talent, expertise, experiences, etc, into their unique set of core leadership competency. Real societal progress is made through the work of progressive and foreseeable leaders who can figure out how to capture the future trend, orchestrate changes, build competitive teams to unleash collective human potential

Knowledge professionals today are more purpose-driven and self-motivated to unleash their talent potential:
In practice, the self-discovery-learning-acting-relearning-autonomy- self-actualization professional refinement cycle helps business professionals reach the next level of potential development. It is great when the organization provides support and empowers its staff by showing respect, building trust, offering talented people opportunities and efficient tools to learn, grow, and achieve more. Simplify, optimize, and energize digital professional refinement cycle, to push the boundaries of knowledge expertise, and unleash their potential.

The organizations with the culture of empowerment will reap the benefits of knowledge professionals who have self-actualized by unlocking their professional potential. In the information savvy organization, workforce planning and analysis enables business management to gain insight of the people, explore talent potential, to make sure that the work environment encourages creativity, helps employees at all levels within an organization to think out of the box, take reasonable risks, go beyond their defined roles and keep shaping growth mindset, updating their knowledge and skills to develop unique professional competencies.

Organizational potentiality includes the overall business ability to perform in the future by discovering their strength and building core business competency:
The organization has emergent properties and keeps evolving; having significant potential to grow and improve. Contemporary organizations are dynamic systems which include a few powerful business systems such as information management systems, sales/marketing systems, finance systems, people management systems, etc; each of them has potential to improve future performance of the business. Thus, business management needs to keep fine-tuning them by enforcing better policies, structures, and programs portfolios to unleash the potential of the entire organization.

All ambitious businesses should make an objective assessment of their organizational strength, information based digital consciousness, and business personality. It’s also important to understand interfaces and interactions associated with complex business systems. So they can establish and improve the organic system potential portfolio which includes business initiatives that can strengthen the organizational strength, improve business weakness, and develop core competencies to unlock business potential - the “future of performance.”

Collective progress leads to societal advancement. In forward-thinking organizations, developing leadership, tapping talent, and unlocking collective potentiality should be consistent efforts and ongoing practices through delegation, decentralization and empowerment. Insightful organizations can make coherent use of resources, capitals, gradually open up to the best and next practices to identify and develop potentiality into a more solid form, transform it into differentiated business advantage for the long term business prosperity.