Wednesday, September 14, 2022


Contemporary society is a dynamic continuum with innovation themes and collective human progress.

Today’s ecosystem environment is dynamic, complex, and uncertain. There are always different complexities at a different time or dimension. The modern society is a shared-space that encompasses the organization and all of the other entities to interact, connect, evolve, change, and have a stake in organizational overall context. 

Real societal advancement is made through the work of foreseeable and progressive leaders and business professionals who can figure out how to predict the future, discover the great opportunities to unleash collective human potential, and make collective progress.

Innovative organization or society is highly integral by cross-boundary collaboration, relationship harmony, change orchestration, governance convergence, etc: Information permeates everywhere in modern society, digital technologies bring convenient ways for people to work, live, and the business world becomes hyper-connected and interdependent. An innovative organization will develop an effective information management strategy for refining information, exploring an innovative way to analyze, model, visualize and extract information value to formulate insight for running a smart business.

Integration means alignment, collaboration, orchestration. An innovative organization is about integrating the right elements such as value, trust, communication, collaboration, intelligence, simplicity, and continuous improvement, etc, to build differentiated business competency, rejuvenate an environment in which people can think independently; work collaboratively to unlock collective performance, make innovation happen and sustain its value. In a highly informative and integral society, people can work anytime, anywhere, to access the right information for making effective decisions, creating innovative ideas with partners across the business ecosystem, and co-solve problems smoothly.

Innovative societies leverage business analytics tools to improve profitability, optimize cost, and inherently create multifaceted value: Business intelligence is an effective tool to improve business-value creation. The emerging digital technology and advancement of data-based analytics are highly likely to improve business innovation effectiveness. Contemporary intelligence is contextual and multidimensional; it can be bottom up and is much broader in a sense that it covers varying areas with a lot of potential to solve problems smartly.

Insightful organizations start to use analytics tools to pave the way towards true customer engagement by understanding their action patterns such as purchasing, collaboration, and encouraging behavior changes. The analytics and feedback can be totally integrated into an ongoing performance management system that is employee-driven with management's participation. Organizations also become more open to diverse opinions and feedback, be humbler to listen to customers, be more confident to take the path perhaps no one ever takes before, and be more resilient to fail forward.

Advanced society has the very characteristics of hyperdiversity and cross-disciplinary innovation
: It’s a hybrid, networked, extended modern working environment, today's digital workforce is technology savvy and a hyperdiverse new breed. All generations need to realize they should keep refreshing their mindset, learn from each other, to run an innovative business and an advanced society. Digital computing information technology enables the more seamless virtual platform, enhances the physical organization structure, empowers the workforce to share the thoughts and ideas, engage customers and partners to brainstorm ideas, voice the concerns and feedback, and encourage the broader conversation and interaction within its business ecosystem and social value chain.

Building a high mature digital workforce won’t happen overnight, organizations today need to redefine themselves in which talent can develop and learn more rapidly than anywhere else. Business management can give full empowerment to a matured team, but not to a team that is reactive, homogeneous, complacent. Collectively, building competitive teams with complementary mindsets, capabilities, experiences, talents are great to improve innovation competency; solve complex problems collaboratively.

Contemporary society is a dynamic continuum with innovation themes and collective human progress. The digital paradigm arises out of new knowledge and the emerging trends to capture the great opportunities, develop a high-mature workforce, reinforce the very characteristics of the digital business such as innovation, agility, and people-centricity, etc, to shape an advanced, innovative society.


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