Tuesday, September 27, 2022


In navigating through “VUCA” reality, today’s top professionals need to naturally gravitate to a leadership role when things are unknown, things will change, information technology is involved, complex problems have to be solved, etc.

Our business world is becoming more connected and interdependent, the crucial issue for many organizations though is that they don’t have an integrated approach to solve complex problems holistically. They haven’t reached the next level of business growth and maturity.

Insightful business leaders and professionals are quite eager and enthusiastic to navigate through the tough journey of business transformation by dealing with unprecedented uncertainty, constant ambiguity, unpredictability, etc, smoothly.

Navigate through the digital dynamic, discover the unique path for innovation: In face of fierce competitions and constant disruptions, it’s a strategic imperative for business leaders to have confidence and insight to navigate through the business landscape, keep their organizations evolving, expanding with its environment, explore growth opportunities, uncover hidden risks to improve business agility, catalyze innovation, build resilience, and unleash the full potential of the organization.

Leaders need to believe in themselves and most importantly, in their team to navigate the business through the “VUCA” new normal, navigate change, especially the large scale of business transformation cautious-optimistically, clarify the direction of the organization; bring up a long-term standpoint, orchestrate the organizational interrelationship between people and process, to achieve the high performing business results consistently. The navigation competency is based on the leadership substances such as vision and purpose, with varying leadership styles such as participation, coaching or delegation to lead the team forward effectively.

Navigate from pattern to pattern to learn about a problem space and to apply different solutions in combination:
Patterns are containers for articulating relationships for enabling design thinking and problem-solving. Each pattern is useful to address some specific problem. Pattern understanding enables us to capture deep insight into complex issues by peeling back different layers and addressing the real problems systematically, making problem-solving more science than art. What could be in a stronger relationship to us than something that solves a problem for us? Pattern perhaps helps to discover or fix something; sometimes tie the patterns together so you can navigate among them for figuring out better solutions.

Understanding and diagnosing root causes helps to reduce frictions, tensions, and conflicts that arise, enforce interrelationship and cross-functional communication and collaboration. Top executives focus on navigating the business in the right direction; but they do not actually do the daily work, asking frontline staff’s feedback enables the management to know what’s going on in the real time. Collaboratively,, the business management can develop strong sensing capabilities to generate insight and foresight - anticipate as well as react promptly for leading change confidently,

Navigate a variety of cross-disciplinary situations and has greatly helped in developing customized solutions:
Nowadays the digital world becomes so hyper-connected and interdependent, the geographical or industrial borders are blurred. The interdisciplinary tones and personalized themes allow people to break down the old knowledge box, deepen their understanding of subjects, understand business context, sustain diversified viewpoints into holistic perspectives and navigate cross-disciplinary situations to solve complex problems smoothly.

Global leaders and professionals are intellectually curious, with a strong desire to update knowledge, recognize the plethora of contextual factors inherent in the circumstances, adjust their mindset, behaviors intentionally and intuitively in order to exert influence in that context. They can navigate dynamic marketing space, deal with the increasing pace of changes, understand customers’ needs & wants, look at problems holistically and solve them innovatively.

In navigating through “VUCA” reality, today’s top professionals need to naturally gravitate to a leadership role when things are unknown, things will change, information technology is involved, complex problems have to be solved, etc. They need to keep learning, discerning, growing, innovating for improving decision coherence and problem-solving effectiveness.


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