Monday, September 26, 2022


Business professionals with a growth mindset today can build an enriched professional portfolio by reinventing themselves, continuously building new skills and competency.

The digital world is dynamic, nonlinear, uncertain, individuals or organizations are at a different stage of the growth or maturity cycle; ” Without growth, organizations or human society will get stuck economically, sociologically. Each growth phase has a period of evolution and stability.

 It’s important to build an innovative working environment in which business professionals are encouraged to think independently, grow professionally, communicate & collaborate cross-functionally, share fresh insight, and produce high performance results consistently.

It’s important for business professionals to keep learning, growing, and sharpening their thinking skills to improve cognitive competency: The most important capability of the cognitive mind is the ability to seek out relevant knowledge, filter information, gain an in-depth understanding of people or things, address ignorance or assumptions, overcome unconscious bias, to improve judgmental intelligence. Visionary business leaders and talent managers have a unique perspective to spot talent, identify growth mindset, and appreciate differentiated professional competency.

We can raise the total cognitive threshold by understanding ourselves deeply at the mindset level; continuous learning and gaining new knowledge. Technically, the more we know, the more relevant thoughts can be generated. Continuing learning allows new pieces of information to be synthesized for challenging conventional understanding, generating new knowledge and fresh insight to fill blind spots, practicing a variety of thinking and reasoning to improve the level of cognitive capabilities.

Accelerate talent growth via logical reasoning, sharing, collaborating:
An ideal creative working environment is the right mix of flow and solid, order and chaos, visible and invisible, etc. To improve cognitive agility, brainstorming or communicating to others raises your total cognitive threshold; help employees at all levels within an organization to “think out of the box” take reasonable risks, soothing “growth pains” via sharing, collaborating, and improving emotional excellence.

With a growth mindset aligned with a proactive attitude, people are becoming more self-driven and self-disciplined to develop talent and professional skills. People are encouraged to break down silos, seek out help, brainstorm fresh ideas, and co-solve existing or emerging problems constantly. Make continuous conversations that galvanize inspiration and gain traction on a powerful theme of professional growth and renewal.

Unleash growth potential via rotating professional roles and building integral professional capabilities:
“With a tree, all the growth takes place at the growing tips.” In fact, one of the most crucial strategic imperatives for today’s businesses is to identify and develop their collective potential. Knowledge workers today are more purpose-driven and self-motivated, go beyond their defined roles, demonstrate their creative capacities, intellectual capabilities to bring positive changes and catalyze innovation.

Either individually or collectively, it’s important to overcome “growth pain.” Individuals showing potential are distinguished by learning more rapidly than their peers, fitting new roles better, quickly and effectively. It’s important to help employees at all levels within an organization to think out of the box, take reasonable risks, go beyond their defined roles and keep updating their skills to develop integral professional competencies.

Business professionals with a growth mindset today can build an enriched professional portfolio by reinventing themselves, continuously building new skills and competency, seeking unconventional wisdom, keeping mindset fit, attitude fit, capability fit. A high potential organization can grow, innovate and transform by taking a structural approach to identify and develop potentiality into a more solid form and transform it into differentiated business advantage.


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