Saturday, July 30, 2022


A well-defined communication protocol expands the ability of professionals at every level of the organization to work collaboratively, grow their roles successfully.

In essence, languages are the tools to make communications, communications are the tools to understand things or people and solve problems. 

Organizations are social realities that emerge from the communication patterns of people. Communication is the coordination mechanism that makes a group of people as a cohesive team to achieve defined goals collaboratively.

Communication strategy oversight:
Communication is the word that means many things to many people and initiates a broad set of activities. The oversight of communication strategy and methodology with clarity directly impacts the organizational effectiveness and maturity. Organizational communication strategy is to diagnose critical communication related issues, set guidelines to improve communication coherence.

Communication strategy is an integral component of corporate strategy, to organize a total immersion communication and dialogue program for management to establish a thorough buy-in of the organizational strategy, and the role each individual and each department has to play for its implementation. Communication strategy oversight helps to foster a healthy working environment in which invaluable feedback and vital communication are based on information, trust, and people to foster collaboration and unlock collective performance.

Communication effectiveness oversight:
Communication effectiveness directly impacts the problem-solving effectiveness. Misinterpretation and miscommunication are usually caused by misinformation, lack of contextual understanding, pre-conceptual judgment, assumptions, or simply lack of deeper understanding, etc. Communication gaps and bottlenecks caused by cognitive difference, internal politics, ambiguous process, mistrust culture or other management bottlenecks, etc, leads to business friction and stagnation.

Miscommunication leads to ineffective strategy management. The mistake that most organizations make in this regard is to fail to translate the high-level language of strategy into the professional language of staff specialties. Communication has to be customized from general management background to technical background employees, pulling the cross-functional team to communicate and collaborate for leading strategic progress.

Communication practice oversight:
There are different ways to communicate, different styles to communicate: listening, telling, questioning, answering. There are interpersonal, intrapersonal communication; there are abstract communication, creative communication; there are face-to-face communication, virtual communication; there are peer to peer conversation, public speaking, touchy feely talk, negotiation, debate, argumentation, casual chat, etc. Be mindful to ensure that our words have been understood in the same sense that we meant them. Pick the right style to fit the circumstances, use the words and style to tailor the audience, to fulfill the purpose of communication.

It would be better to understand what method or means or mode of communication will improve communication effectiveness. Communication is a two way street. Continuous, personalized, and consistent dialogues should replace the 'business as usual,” and “command-control'' communication style. Facilitating effective cross-functional communication with a structural process enables business leaders and professionals to look at the wider aspects around problem space, spread clear messages through a diverse set of activities with mixed communication styles to keep communication flow with verification.

Communication is both art and science. A well-defined communication protocol expands the ability of professionals at every level of the organization to work collaboratively, grow their roles within the organization by taking more responsibilities, become accountable for their words and actions in solving crucial problems, improving professionalism, and achieving higher than expected results with consistency.


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